Gavrilis Land For Sale By Owner in Kamini, Hydra Island


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Property for sale in Hydra Island Greece


Gavrilis Land For Sale By Owners


Price: €450,000 OIRO

(Offers In Region Of)


600sqm of building land in clearly defined plot with surrounding stone walls to all borders in place.

(€750 per square meter.)


Located in Kamini Village, equidistant between Kamini and Hydra Harbours at the beginning of the inland road from Upper Kamini to Vlychos.


Potential to build a house of up to 300sqm as land falls within town boundaries.


Gavrilis Land For Sale By Owner in Kamini, Hydra Island - property for sale in Hydra Island Greece - Hydra real estate Top east corner entrance
Gavrilis Land For Sale By Owner in Kamini, Hydra Island - property for sale in Hydra Island Greece - Hydra real estate East boundary with tree marking bottom east corner

Planning permission must be obtained by the incoming buyer. It should be noted that the foundations of the original dwelling on the plot are evident as well as a considerable amount of rock and reclaimable building material, which sets a precedence making it likely that building permission would be granted quite quickly.


This is a desirable plot of building land for sale due to it's medium height from Hydra Port and it being situated on a good road from Hydra port for mules to traverse with building material. 


The location is a quiet residential area with a mix of local and European neighbours.


Gavrilis Land For Sale By Owner in Kamini, Hydra Island - property for sale in Hydra Island Greece - Hydra real estate Top west corner, diagonally across plot to tree at bottom east corner
Gavrilis Land For Sale By Owner in Kamini, Hydra Island - property for sale in Hydra Island Greece - Hydra real estate Lower road showing bottom of steps to east boundary road

The views from the land are magnificent so that a finished house will be able to boast both 180 degree sea views looking down into Kamini harbour and across to the Peloponnese mainland as well as excellent mountain views behind the plot. 


The plot is on a slight slope.


The existing entrances to the plot are from the top east corner and the bottom east corner. The plot is bound on three sides by well made up roads and to the west boundry by the garden of the neighbouring house.


The quantity of loose rock and building material (hidden in the photos by spring growth) will considerably lower the cost of both buying material as well as transporting it by mule to the site.


Gavrilis Land For Sale By Owner in Kamini, Hydra Island - property for sale in Hydra Island Greece - Hydra real estate Lower street gate, showing quantity of reclaimable building material that's hidden in other photos by Spring growth!


As a home (full or part-time) the location is ideal. The closest food/stores shop is approximately 75m away. There is a lot of land to the front which belongs to the Municipality which is protected and can't be built on so your view is not going to be interrutped. The local junior school is about 150 meters away however it is in front and below the plot so you will not hear the children.


Please note that currently the mains town supply of electricity stretches across the plot as you will see from the lines in the photos. Once built with electricity supplied, it would be possible for the lines to connect the upper and lower corners of the house so the lines would no longer interrupt the view.


The plot is approximately 5 meters from the nearest sewage, water & electricity mains connection points.


The land is offered for sale by the owners who are three brothers who are in accord regarding the sale and all paperwork has been brought up-to-date and is correct for an immediate sale. 


Contact the Owners


Owner: Mr Panagiotis Gavrilis

Mobile: +(30) 6977 741 408

Email: pan1978 @ (with no spaces!)


Click link to download property details and direct contact name, email and telephone number for the seller.
Adobe Acrobat document [16.9 MB]


Personal observation from Kelsey Edwards


In my opinion: "As an investment purchase, you would be looking at a minimum 3.7% annual return ideally if you built to the maximum 300sqm permitted as 10 x 25sqm residential letting bedsits (huge demand on Hydra) which could be rented at €230 per month, however you would have to ensure that your budget didn't go over €1000 per square meter for total cost of building to achieve this percentage return. Return on investment could be increased to approximately 6 - 7% per annum if you opted to holiday let 5 bedsits and kept 5 as year round residential lets. Subject to planning and EOT approval." 4th April 2016.


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