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The Hydra Trading Company is now operating as an online company and no longer has a physical shop.


Véronique's impeccable taste makes an immediate statement with her shop feeling more like a house with its grand entrance hall and wide staircase to the main rooms on the first floor. The shop is laid out in room settings that you can walk through or where you can sit on sofas to enjoy the aromas and colours that create a contradictory calming yet exciting atmosphere. There is just such a lot to take in, to look at and enjoy. The view of the church towers overlooking the harbour from the shop's balcony further adds to the sense of serenity and reinforces the feeling that you are visiting a very personal space rather than a shop.



'Cool Soap' in 12 different blends, is natural handmade Greek olive oil soap which is produced with the cold process method and made on the neighbouring island of Aegina. The soaps are made with extra virgin olive oil and a combination of other plant oils. So re-discover the pleasure of using soap bars made with 100% natural ingredients, handmade and beautifully packaged with respect for nature, people and animals.



The aromas of scent bags, scented candles and soaps and 'Anassa' Hellenic Organic Teas mingle with the fresh smell of cool cottons and linens in the most stress-reducing way that makes visiting The Hydra Trading Company much more of a treat than normally associated with shopping!


Véronique sources her products from suppliers that hand produce the best quality and often traditional items on the market. Her displays showcase not just her organic and natural consumable products but the work of the artisans she is supplied by. Emphasis is on uniqueness and excellence so her range of hand thrown mugs that are made for her, mostly to her design, are each a little piece of art.



As with Véronique's 'made to her design' mugs, she also collaborates with other Greek artisans to create bowls and plates to her specification often based on the patterns and styles of the vintage pieces she also sells in the shop.



With some in display cabinets and other items arranged on shelves and tables around the shop, The Hydra Trading Company has the largest stock of vintage and antique ceramics and glassware that you will find on Hydra Island. Much is sourced locally or from Athens and even some from France. It's delightful to see the 'old' intermingled with the 'new', emphasising how Véronique captures the excellence from the past and, with her suppliers, reflects it in her wonderful bespoke creations.



On Hydra, another exclusive to The Hydra Trading Company are 'Love Greece' T-Shirts and bags. They are 100% natural and every stage in their production from growing the cotton to the packaging is made locally by hundreds of people living in Greece. It takes a year to produce each t-shirt including planting and tending the cotton! The final product is excellent quality, very soft and keeps its shape after washing. Each T-Shirt is sold in its own 'envelope' (using recycled paper of course) and they make wonderful souvenirs or gifts to take home with you.



And to help the environment of Hydra Island, The Hydra Trading Company sell small tins for smokers to responsibly put out cigarettes and take their litter home, without inadvertantly starting a fire or contaminating the island. The tins are small enough to slip into a pocket or bag along with your cigarettes & lighter so you can .



The Hydra Trading Company is like a 'cabinet de curiosités'. All limited editions, from handmade ceramics to woven fabrics for throws and soft-furnishings, Véronique's bywords are organic, recycling, sustainable, fair-trade and responsible in her pursuit of top quality, tasteful and imaginative products to sell in her shop. 



You’ll find here a mix of items sharing the same spirit: that of aesthetics combined with a sense of social and eco-responsibility. Véronique is careful about the provenance and durability (more than 90% of The Hydra Trading Company's products are European). 100% natural materials: cotton and linen for tablecloths, sheets or hamam towels; wool, jute and hemp for carpets or baskets; recycled glass for glassware, and so on!


Contact & Enquiries


Contact: Véronique Powell (English, French & Greek speaking)

Telephone: +(30) 22980 29700




Summer Hours: 10:30 - 15:00 & 17:00 - 21:30

Advert expires 25th June 2017 (see Advertising Rates). 

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