Equine Transport in Hydra Island Greece

Mules used for transport in Hydra Island Greece Mule
Horse transport in Hydra Island Greece Horse
Donkeys are used to transport light loads and people in Hydra Island Greece Donkey


How to tell the differnce: A mule has bigger ears than a horse, donkeys have the biggest ears but are the shortest.


The infrastructure and economy of Hydra Island Greece depends almost entirely on Equine Power!


Mules are the heavy loaders and are used to transport goods such as luggage, plants, white goods, furniture, shopping and building material.


Horses tend to be used to transport people and occassionally shopping or a couple of suitcases.


Donkeys aren't as many in Hydra as they used to be and tend to be almost kept as pets or for personal transportation as they can't carry the enormous loads that mules can.


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