Private Contact For Hydra Island Visitors

Hydra Island has its fair share of visiting high profile individuals, ranging from stars of stage & film to high profile business & political figures and heads of state. Often they visit Hydra to simply relax and enjoy a family holiday or just get away from the glare of their public life. The last thing they want is for their private holiday to be disturbed by 'selfie' hunters broadcasting their holiday on social media!


HydraDirect offers private referrals for visitors who don't want anyone to know they are on Hydra Island Greece.


To minimise the risk of privacy invasion for high-profile individuals, I provide a privacy guaranteed email or phone service in order to refer private holiday guests to accommodation and other services such as travel transfers, holiday activities, when I know that the providers are going to be equally as tight-lipped as I am.


My email address is

My Hydra landline number is +(30) 22980 53009

I would appreciate phone calls between Greek hours of 09:00 - 23:00, please.

To check time zones please visit The Time Zone Converter.


Please contact me with your requirements, including the reference or name of any particular accommodation you are interested in, as well as any services you particularly need. 




My service is free of charge to visitors. I do not charge booking fees or commission. I simply provide inside local knowledge and refer visitors to my website advertisers who pay an annual fee for inclusion and in some cases to those businesses who pay annually for referrals but don't want their properties to be seen on the internet.


When making contact, please indicate whether you are enquiring for yourself or whether you are an agent, manager or company representative.


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