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My one-to-one, 10-hour, online training/support service (using Skype or Messenger) is for any small business owner wanting to make a website themselves with the reassurance of a qualified, experienced Microsoft trainer online with them while they’re doing it. I can also help owners who want to take control of their existing website too.

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Take CONTROL of your own website.


No more frustration at not being able to contact your web designer.


No more extra costs if you do manage to reach them.


Get the confidence you need to be your own web-developer!


Manage your own website with ease.

Take control of your business asset

Using the excellent product features from the provider company I recommend, I will 'hand-hold' you with online communication in person for up to 10 hours, through every step until you are completely confident to work on your own. (And still be there for you after!)
You will produce a really good working website that you can be proud of.
You will be able to keep it exciting and up-to-date yourself, immediately, when you want to.
So no more frustration and no extra costs.
If it frazzles your brain after a couple of hours, you can always take the remaining hours of online time spread over a month. And once you are fully operational, you will always have full technical support from the hosting company, who since I have been using them to host my site, has never let me down once in nearly 20 years.
If you can make posts on social media and send emails, then you can definitely make your own website, including the all-important SEO information that is vital to ensure you are found on the search engines such as Google.
My service is for those who want reassurance and the knowledge that if they do something wrong, they immediately have help.

Why me?

I have 20 years experience building websites and before that was a Microsoft author and lecturer. I have written and taught many computer skills courses. I am also experienced in teaching and giving online help support using Skype and other remote communication systems.

Small Busiensses - Be proactive during the Covid-19 Crisis

Making sure you stay in contact with your customers and followers as well as staying in control of your costs is always vital but even more so now in times of crisis.


Making sure your customers can still see your website looking good, up-to-date and easily able to communicate with you, will reassure them that you will be open for business again once the world returns to some semblance of order.


But with such pressure, it can be even more daunting to go-it-alone to make your own website and take control of your online shop window.


Yes, there are lots of free website-making tools out there. But when it's your business, your livelihood, your shop window that you have to get right, how can you be sure you'll cope if you've never made a site before? As a small business, you the owner, know that the 'buck stops with you'. 


This is where I can help. I am a small business too. I understand your concerns and I know my subject. I will give you the confidence and reassurance you need to stay productive and positive, putting you in control of your website and its costs. 

Examples and References

I now have 3 DIY web developer clients using this service at the moment. But they are still improving their sites so have asked me not to show them here.
But they are very happy to give me a reference. Let me know if you would like their address to email them privately.

Also note:

Using an account with the company I recommend, enables me to log in to your account remotely at the same time as you so I can show you by example what you need to do or correct mistakes at the same time as being in conversation with you online. And once you are completely confident and no longer need me, you will simply change your password to make your site completely secure.
By using Skype or FB messenger I can be talking in your ear at the same time as being able to show you what to do on the screen in front of you.
My service is available to anyone wherever they are in the world, but sadly I am useless at languages, so I can only talk you through in English, even if you are creating your site in another language. (For the purpose of hand-holding, the text language isn't as relevant as how you actually get the block of text on your page!)

Once only Cost

€500 plus VAT


Total €600 (including 20% VAT) in advance with a VAT invoice and payable by bank transfer or via Paypal.


To provide up to 10 hours, to be taken within 1 month of starting, of one-to-one online Skype or Messenger training.


(Please note that my service does not include the cost of opening your hosting account (Free), registering a domain name (about €10 per year) or using the products & hosting your site (€10/Month approximately), so you will still have an approximate cost of €130 per year payable to the provider, not me! I will, of course, include helping you to set up your account though.)

Contact Me

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to book a no-obligation, free of charge, discussion online with Skype or messenger.


Let's get you back in charge of your website together!

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