Roger Green

English author, poet and full-time resident of Hydra, Roger Green, presenting the Pyrofani Poems


Roger Green is an English writer and poet living in Kamini Village on Hydra Island, Greece.


Roger started work in Thebes as a teacher in his twenties, moved to Crete and then returned to the UK (Wolvercote, Oxford) where he worked as a translator - from Greek to English - for the government. To quote Jonathan Carr, "he returned to Hydra when he was offered a teaching job on the island and when it stopped, he stayed". 


Inspired by Hydra's going's on and finding the way of life creatively conducive, he has written a poetry collection, 'With It Or On It' and a prose work 'Hydra and the Bananas of Leonard Cohen' (the latter having been heavily influenced by the fact that Roger's home overlooked the garden of Leonard Cohen. Available through Amazon, published 2003). 


Living in Kamini Village he naturally gravitated to the Pyrofani Restaurant as his nearest 'dining room' and locally his 'Pyrofani Poems' have become a much looked forward to giggle. Roger has a way of writing poetry that pokes fun at the often ridiculous affairs of Hydra, indeed Greece, without offending too many people - well not often!


See A Parnassian Chronicle written by Jonathan Carr, published in the Athens News May 2006.


Tradition has it that guests at the first and last night of the summer season at the Pyrofani Restaurant are treated to Roger's reading of his latest poem.


I am happy to be able to reproduce Roger's Pyrofani Poems here for those who were unfortunate enough not to be on Hydra and couldn't join the parties to hear them in person.


History & Cookery

May 2017

Fifty years ago in April

On the 21st of April

Papadopoulos took over

With a gang of fellow-colonels

Thought that they could save the country

Make the people pay their taxes

Bring some order to the chaos ...


October 2016
There seems to be a conspiracy

To erase the summer from the map;

From July until October

There's just an empty gap.

Same Old Same Old

May 2016

When Greeks wanted to impress

A youthful Roger travelling on his own,

They would boast: “Our language is very rich -

We have many different words for ‘stone’, ...

Nero and Epicurus Walked Into a Bar

October 2015

Nero and Epicurus walked into a bar.
Not really a bar, but posher by far,
A sort of Greek restaurant with a Michelin star
Or maybe not; ...

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