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Professional, guided hiking on Hydra Island Greece.


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Regardless of the destination or route, you can book a hike with us that is either PRIVATE for yourself or your personal family or group of friends, or OPEN for yourself which you are happy for other people to join so you can socialise with others, and of course share the fun and cost.


This applies to all types of hikes:

  • We can only schedule one hike per day.
  • The maximum duration of a hike is 7 hours per day.
  • And the maximum number of people on any hike that we can take responsibility for is 6.
  • The cost of any hike is as stated whether there is just 1 person or 6.
  • Whether private or open, all hikes start with registration.
  • The start time will depend on the time of year but all hikes start in the morning. (In the summer this can be 7am in order to avoid the scorching summer temperatures. Please note that we DO NOT operate during July & August because of the problems of heat exhaustion being too much of a risk.)


Private Hikes:

  • A Private Hike is shown as a red block on our availability calendar.
  • This is a closed hike just for the person or group who booked it.
  • Any of our standard hikes can be booked or we can create a special one just for you if you want a different destination.


Open Hikes:

These are an opportunity for single people or couples to get to know other like minded people and can be very sociable.

  • The first person to request a hike for an available date on our schedule, fixes the day and which hike.
  • The first person to book an open hike may also ask for a non-standard hike to a destination of their choice. Once we have confirmed the duration, route and cost and it's agreed to by the first person, it can be added to our schedule as available for others to join.
  • It is marked as 'open' on our availability calender so others can see it as an invitation to join the same hike.
  • An open hike is shown as a green block on my availability calendar.
  • Other people can book a place on an open hike.
  • As more people join an open hike, the number of participants will be noted on our schedule (not names).
  • Payment for the hike is shared by the participants to a maximum of 6.
  • Please note that if no one joins the hike, the first person will pay the full hike price on their own. It is possible for the first person to cancel the hike if no one else joins. We will contact you by email a week before if this is the case to give you the option to go ahead or to cancel.



Home  |  About  |  Hikes  |  Private or Open Hikes  |  Safety  |  Enquiries & Reservations


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