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With King of the Castle - Hiking on Hydra, your safety and well being is our primary concern. This is why we insist that all hikes start from our base in Hydra Town where we can complete a registration and health check list for each participant taking part in a hike. Some of our questions when you book and when you complete registration may seem a little personal but we really need to know about any allergies you have and what your physical fitness level is before you hike so that we can look after you properly.


For every hike we carry a rucksack with:

  • Professional First Aid Kit (including splints, bandages and rehydration packs)
  • 2 bottles of water
  • A fully charged mobile phone in case of emergencies so I can call the National Emergency Number.

Hiking has an inherent risk that you may fall over and could be injured. Please note that by using our service you accept that risk and agree that we, operating as 'King Of The Castle - Hiking on Hydra', will not be liable for injury or damage to property.


We therefore recommend that you ensure that you have adequate medical cover with your travel insurance. We also reserve the right to refuse taking a person on a hike, on the day, if in our opinion the hiker would be putting themselves or others at risk due to physical disability, behavioural or attitude issues, or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


What you should wear and bring with you:


  • Everyone MUST wear sensible walking shoes/boots or trainers (absolutely no flipflops or summer sandles)
  • Long trousers are much more sensible even in the summer to avoid nettle stings and being scratched by donkey thistles or prickly gorse bushes.
  • In the summer please wear a hat and sun glasses.
  • In the summer you MUST bring a good sunblock with you to renew while on the hike.
  • From October - April you will definitely need warm clothing and water & wind proof jacket.
  • Everyone MUST bring a small rucksack with:
  • ​​1.5 litre bottle of water
  • Small snacks as preferred (nuts, energy bars and fruit are good boosts)
  • Tissues/wet wipes (handy if you need to go 'behind a bush')
  • A small carrier bag to use for any rubbish you need to take 'home' and dispose of.
  • Your own tube of anticeptic cream and a packet of plasters in case of blisters or grazes.
  • Your own tube of anti-histimiine in case you get stung by nettles or bitten by mosquitoes. (Wearing repellant is a very good idea, and bring it with you to use during the hike.)
  • Your swimming costume & lightweight towel if a beach is part of the hike.
  • A pair of socks (in the summer it helps to prevent blisters, and in the winter in case the pair you are wearing get wet.)
  • Please note that parents will have to ensure they have all provisions for their children in their own pack if the child cannot carry them.



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