Klimaki House

€480,000 - Living: 72m2, Plot: 4,312m2

Single floor, furnished, 2 bedrooms, shower room and open plan living space including kitchen, Aga Stove, fireplace. Large terrace overlooking a spectacular unhindered South coast sea views. 150m from the sea, has own boat jetty and access to a private beach.

Klimaki House For Sale By Owner on Hydra Island Greece


Idyllic, utterly private, detached 72 m2 house for sale on a plot of 4,312 m2, overlooking Klimaki beach (150 m from the property for sale) on the south coast of Hydra. Superb country real estate for those who want to really experience living close to nature on a Greek island with the emphasis on being environmentally friendly.



Plot: 4,312 m2 (= 46,414 sq ft)

Internal Living Space: 72 m2 (= 775 sq ft)

Terrace: 12 m2 (= 130 sq ft)

Basement Storage Space: 18 m2 (= 194 sq ft)


Asking Price: €500,000 (Offers invited)


This property for sale comprises:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Open plan living space including kitchen
  • Solid fuel Aga and wood burning fireplace
  • Large terrace
  • Large storage area under the main building
  • 2 freshwater cisternas (under ground rainwater collection tanks)
  • Self-sufficient generator for electricity
  • Self-sufficient 'vothros' (sewage disposal)
  • Mountain & Sea views
  • Private boat jetty
  • Access to a pristine beach
Property for sale on Hydra, eco friendly houses for sale in Greece, Hydra real estate. South-facing view from the terrace overlooking Limnioniza Bay


Getting to the house


The south coast of Hydra is less steep than the north coast of the island. The land gently descends to the sea in the areas of Klimaki and Limnioniza, which means much more of this natural unspoiled coastline is accessible for swimming in the gloriously clean sea. There is a tiny beach in Klimaki cove which is a mixture of sand and stone with steps down to it that we built, or the larger pebble beach of Limnioniza is also within walking distance. From Hydra Town, you either walk or ride (approximately 2 hours) passing the Holy Trinity Monastery above Mandraki Bay, then St Nikolaos Monastery on the backbone of Hydra before descending to the South side above Limnioniza Bay. Alternatively you can reach the house by boat (20 minutes), mooring at the private jetty below the house and then walking up 150m to the lower property boundary.


Klimaki house for sale on Hydra Island Greece - Hydra real estate. Ag. Trianda Monastery (Holy Trinity)
Klimakii house for sale on Hydra Island Greece - Hydra real estate One of the beaches in Limnioniza Bay
For those inspired to come to the Greek Islands by Gerald Durrell's 'My Family And Other Animals', this property will delight you. It is surrounded by stunning scenery and even the journey to the house whether you walk or ride over the backbone of the island, is an adventure at the beginning of your stay. The ground is covered with wild colourful plants. And there is an abundance of wildlife and birds that you never see in other parts of Hydra. For all the fact that it seems as though you have the countryside to yourself, there are actually a number of farms on this side of the island, so if you go for a walk you are bound to come across someone quietly working the land, repairing a dry stone wall or rounding up sheep and goats.
Hydra real estate - eco, environmentally friendly house for sale on Hydra Island Greece. As you descend through the pine forest the area opens to reveal a beautiful basin with three properties. Klimaki House is the one shown in the middle of this photograph. Each property is built on its own secluded, private 4000m2 plot .
Please see the larger satellite image at the end of the page to see the property in relation to the sea.
This vacation home was built in 1995 to a very high standard and with a lot of love by its owners to use as their private hide-away beside the sea. It must be noted that nothing has been overlooked in construction to ensure minimum need for on-going repair because as you can imagine, it's not an easy place to call out a workman! The walls, flooring, stone work, roofing as well as the generator powered electricity and the plumbing to the self-contained Vothros (cesspit) are in as good condition today as they were when originally constructed. The asking price of the property is realistic when you consider that all material had to be hauled overland by mules which is very expensive.

The House


The entire plot is bound by a high chain fence (to stop the free-roaming goats from getting in) with a wide gate for access to the garden.


Steps up to a large sea-facing terrace and then to the front door into the open plan living space.



The main living space is open plan and airy. There are spectacular views from every window. There is plenty of space for a sitting area and dining. To one corner there is a wood burning fireplace and next to it a solid fuel Aga which can be used for cooking or heating.



Kitchen Area


The kitchen area is bound by a breakfast bar. There is a gas hob for cooking under a traditional hood for ventilation. There are ample base cabinets to store everything away and a double stainless steel sink. The larder fridge/freezer is also powered by gas. In addition to the hob, on the other side of the room there is a solid fuel burning Aga with an oven and two hot plates.



Bedrooms & Shower Room


There are two bedrooms to the west-facing side of the house. This means that you don't get woken too early by the rising sun.


Klimaki house for sale on Hydra Island Greece - Hydra property for sale. Master bedroom
Klimaki property for sale on Hydra Island Greece, Hydra real estate. Master bedroom wardrobe and through to open plan living space.


The master bedroom has a large double bed and a very commodious wardrobe with ample hanging and drawer space. One window overlooks the west side and the other overlooks the terrace and views to the sea.


Houses for sale on Hydra Island, Hydra real estate, property for sale on Hydra Island Greece. Second Bedroom
Houses for sale on Hydra Island, Hydra real estate, property for sale on Hydra Island Greece. Second Bedroom

The second bedroom is smaller but large enough for a standard double bed and still be roomy enough for a wardrobe. Alternatively a set of bunk beds would work very well in this room especially as the ceiling is open to the rafters. The window in this room overlooks the west side of the property.


Houses for sale on Hydra Island, Hydra real estate, property for sale on Hydra Island Greece. From master bedroom looking into 2nd bedroom and shower room.
Houses for sale on Hydra Island, Hydra real estate, property for sale on Hydra Island Greece. Shower room


The shower room is simply but adequately fitted with a toilet, hand basin with a mirrored wall cabinet and is effectively a wet room with the shower head to one corner.


House for sale on Hydra Island Greece, Hydra properties for sale, Hydra real estate. Storage room
Storage Room & Cisternas

The slope of the land has been used during construction and so there is approximately 18 m2 of usable storage space below the house, which is entered from the outside at the west-facing side of the building.


The stone back wall of the storage area is the wall of the first cisterna. The well heads for both cisternas are on the terrace. The storage room provides ample space for all the tools and outdoor living equipment that is needed. There is a sink with a tap to one side and some fitted shelves to the front wall.



Outdoor Living


With a 12 m2 sea-facing terrace, much of your time will be spent gazing at the sea and stars (light pollution is minimal and looking at the constellations is quite awe inspiring). The terrace is also a wonderful place for sunbathing and of course dining alfresco. And in the evening the orientation of the house is perfect for watching the spectacular sunsets.


Idyllic living in Hydra Greece - environmentally friendly house for sale on Hydra Island - Hydra real estate. Taken from the terrace looking south west just as the sun is starting to dip in the west.
Taken from the north-west corner showing cultivated area planted with wheat and grain for horse fodder.
House for sale Hydra Island Greece, live the eco friendly dream in Greece. Hydra real estate. Taken from the back of the house looking west to the inland mountains.


Environmentally Friendly


The house is eco-friendly and self-sufficient with its own petrol operated generator, traditionally built 'Vothros' and two freshwater cisternas. There is an electric pump to circulate water to the house from the cisternas. There are a number of level terraced areas outside which can be used to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Currently, the terraces are planted with wheat and grains to feed the horses. The generator 'room' is in a fenced off area where we also have a number of olive and sweet almond trees. This property is almost off the grid in terms of being independent of the town supplies for utilities. And of course, there is plenty of scope to make the property even more environmentally independent should you wish. 


Eco living on Hydra Island Greece, house for sale on Hydra, Hydra real estate. The petrol generator 'room' in the enclosed area with olive and sweet almond trees
Everyone on Hydra is very aware of the danger of fire on the island as there isn't a fire brigade. Out in the countryside it is especially important for walkers, hikers and those who live here to be careful when cooking out of doors. So a new owner for this house would be urged to build a traditional outside 'forno' if they intend having BBQ's as this reduces the risk of embers being carried by the wind and setting fire to dry grass during the summer. There is of course plenty of space to build one.


The Boat Jetty


From the boundary gate there is a rugged path that winds between the rocks and down rough steps (the easiest route is marked) to the sea and our private boat jetty. You could make your way over the rocks along the coastline to the beach but the safest route is from the house.


The stone path leads down to the little private jetty where you can tie up your boat safely. The little inlet is a great place for fishing.


The Closest Beach


Without doubt the closest beach (150m from the lower boundary) is the glorious, idyllic 'dream of a beach' that anyone could wish for on their door step. It can't fail to delight anyone looking for their deserted, private spot in the sun.



The beach is partially sandy and shelves gently for about 6 meters until a ridge of mostly submerged rocks. You can see the little 'island' rock that marks the start of the string of submerged rocks in the photo above, after this point the sea become very deep.


This beach is a perfect spot for a summers day messing around with a little boat, fishing, lazing in the warm sheltered water off the beach or fishing from the rock island.


As you will see in the photos we have built a wooden stair case to make it easy to get to the beach and there is a metal pole embedded in the rock to tie up a dinghy. And of course it is safe with all the water around, to cook your freshly caught fish for lunch on the beach.


It is quite blissful here.


Very rarely you might find that a large motor yacht might appear on the horizon but generally they pass to the much larger and easier to get into main beach of Limnioniza Bay a little further along the coast.



The second route from the house to the closest beach is simple beaten earth track. There are no 'built' steps such as you'd find in town, so you will need sensible walking shoes/boots. 


Over time the new owners will undoubtedly find that they naturally clear the path way and create steps for themselves. There is also a landowner who lives on this side of the island permanently who is always happy for work and is good at clearing paths, building dry stone walls and making safe steps.


Construction & Utilities


The architecture of the house is traditional for Hydra and follows the technical standards permitted.The ceiling throughout is open to the rafters and the floors to all rooms are painted concrete. The windows are all inward opening and single-glazed. Every window if fitted with an inward opening fly screen and all windows have outward opening louvre shutters.


The lower foundation, storage room and cisternas are built with stone and cement.


The house is all on one level and provides 72 m2 of living space. The building regulations for Hydra, dictate that on a plot of 4,000 m2, (outside the official town plan), it is possible to build approximately 300 m2 of living space (subject to planning permission). So a new owner would be able to extend the house if required or to build elsewhere on the plot (for example a stable or an outside kitchen with a forno (oven) and stone/brick built BBQ).


Electricity: The house has a petrol fuelled generator for electricity.

Water: The house has two large freshwater tanks (cisternas) which provides all the water for the house.

Gas: There is no gas supplied to Hydra via the mains, but the house does have gas bottles for the fridge/freezer and cooking hob.

Sewage: All effluent from the house drains into a traditional Vothros (cesspit) which is buried deep under ground to the west boundary of the property. (Please do not confuse this with a septic tank which needs to be emptied. A Vothros is a natural way of disposing of sewage which generally only ever need maintenance every 100 years.

Internet/phone connection: It is not possible to connect this side of the island to a land line. So currently there is no possibility for internet connection. Mobile phones rarely get a signal here either although the national emergency number 199 does work. HOWEVER, it is possible to have a SATELLITE CONNECTION now through Cosmote. 


For Sale Fully Furnished


The owners will be removing personal clothing, ornaments & paintings, etc., however the house will be left fully furnished, included in the price, as shown in the photographs. So even if at a later stage a buyer might wish to change or add furniture, they will, to start with be able to move in with a suitcase, unpack and immediately enjoy this idyllic dream. This will be a considerable benefit in terms of cost to the buyer.



Full Photo Gallery


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Klimaki House has been our family's much loved holiday home where we have had many a party with BBQ's, swam in the crystal clear waters, fished for our dinner, walked together and created wonderful life memories. The house is setup as a true 'lock-up-and-leave' property so that each time we've returned it has been exactly as we left it with very little to do other than open up and enjoy!


The possibilities for living naturally and in an uncommercial way are numerous!


For families who want to immerse their children in a less-commercial environment filled with nature and out-door activities this property is ideal.


With a garden of over 4000 square meters there's always a project you can keep yourself busy with. You could learn how to build a dry stone wall and then ... build one, after all there's plenty of stone around.


Artists will be enamoured with the ever changing light with a never ending choice of landscapes, seascapes, local wildlife and plants for subjects. 


The night sky is so unpolluted that you will discover stars that you won't ever have seen before.


A writer might enjoy the seclusion and lack of town distractions, with the inspiration all around to finish a book, screen or stage play.


The time has come to pass it on to someone who will appreciate the total privacy and for them to start a new chapter and to fill the house with new memories.


Contact and Viewing Arrangements


This property is being sold by owner. Mrs Parissi is Greek and doesn't speak English and so her daughter and grandchildren, who do speak English, are helping her with communication emails and viewing arrangements.


Because the property is not in Hydra town and it will cost potential buyers the price of a return sea taxi trip to view the property, interested buyers are invited to meet in Hydra Town to discuss the property and meet with the family prior to an actual viewing.


In the first instance, please use the secure form below to express your interest.


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