Koundouros Mansion


Koundouros mansion house for sale by owner on the Greek Island of Hydra. Hydra real estate: 3 floors, currently 3 bedrooms but potential for 8 bedrooms, liveable property for sale or restoration job. Only 31 steps to climb from the level part of Hydra town for stunning harbour views.


Total meters living space: 533.53 m2

Total meters of 4 terraces & garden: 232.80 m2

Koundouros Mansion - house for sale on Hydra Island


The Koundouros Mansion House is a substantial, detached, three story property for sale that is new to the real estate market on Hydra having been in the hands of the same family since 1953. The original parts of the house were built in the mid 1700's and over the centuries was extended so that today it features a wealth of traditional decorative and architectural styles. The family currently use just the middle floor which is fully liveable. They use the lower floor for storage and the upper floor is empty. The structural integrity of the property is good and weather-proofed. Single phase electricity was installed in the 1950's. So it would be possible to live in the building whilst restoration and/or refurbishment was carried out.



The view from all sea facing windows and terraces on all three levels of the house, along with its close proximity to the town are without doubt the biggest selling features of this delightful house for sale.



The view presents the whole of Hydra Town before you; to the glittering sea of the harbour and across to the Peloponnese mainland. And it's possible to enjoy this view with only thirty-one steps to climb from the level part of the centre of Hydra Town.


Top Floor


Living Space Square Meters: 110.78 m2

Top front terrace: 27.34 m2

Top side terrace: 40.91 m2

  • Landing
  • Verani (public living space)
  • Two roof terraces
  • Room 1
  • Room 2


The top floor currently comprises three very large rooms which most likely would be used as two bedrooms and a Verani (living room). Because the Verani is so large, it could be remodelled to accommodate more bedrooms.


Koundouros Mansion House for Sale on Hydra Island Greece. Top floor landing (door from stairs, arch to Verani, door to room 1.


The floors throughout are of concrete laid in the last 20 years.


The ceilings throughout are 5 meters high and of decorative wood and beading. The entrance from the landing into the Verani features an unusual arched doorway, decorated with hand-moulded plaster probably dating back to the Ottoman era.


From the verani there are two doors to two roof terraces on different levels. The external wooden steps to the long terrace will need to be added. As you will see from the photos below, the door is quite a bit higher than the actual terrace. Similarly there are internal wooden steps up to the door to access the side roof terrace from the Verani.


The long terrace, running the length of the Verani, is on a lower level and forms the roof of part of the building which was added at a later stage to the front of the property. There are two barred windows in the wall (almost on a level with the terrace floor) which provide light into the internal dining room area of the middle floor below.


The whole of the upper floor is closed off from the lower floor and currently isn't used as part of the liveable house. There are internal stairs to reach it from the Snug at the back of the house, with a door at both the top and bottom of the staircase.


Middle Floor


Living Space: 173.57 m2

Middle Terrace: 25.45 m2



  • Stairs from ground floor to 
  • Dining room
  • Walk-in storage cupboard
  • Sitting room
  • Study (off sitting room)
  • Kitchen
  • Middle floor terraces (off sitting room)
  • Inner office/snug/room with stairs to top floor
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 3


Koundouros Mansion House For Sale on Hydra Island. Hydra property for sale. Middle floor overlooking dining room with double (open doors) to Bedroom 1, bedroom 3 (half open) double doors, closed double doors to walk-in storage cupboard, open single door and window to snug.


Features of Middle Floor


Wooden flooring throughout.

Ceiling height 4.5 meters throughout.

Decoratively painted, hand moulded plaster ceiling to dining room and along landing to sitting room.


Koundouros Mansion, houses for sale on Hydra, Hydra real estate. Middle floor looking towards raised landing to side of stairs, open single door to snug, glazed arch left to kitchen, right to sitting room, window in right wall to bedroom 2.


Dining Room


The dining room is at the top of the stairs from the ground floor. It is an internal room. Day light comes from two windows set high in the wall above bedroom 2 (above which there is the long Verani terrace on the top floor) and from the glazed arch to the sitting room and kitchen. Additional light comes from the internal window from bedroom 2.


Storage Cupboard


As featured in the photo below, there are double doors at the back of the dining room to a large walk-in storage cupboard which is approximately 1.5m deep and 3m long. The ceiling of the storage cupboard slopes as the stairs to the top floor pass above this space at the back of the house.


Koundouros House for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra, Hydra property for sale. Middle floor looking towards raised landing to side of stairs, partially glazed storage cupboard doors (left), open single door to snug, glazed arch left to kitchen, right to sitting room, window in right wall to bedroom 2.


Bedroom 1


This is the largest of the 3 bedrooms on this floor. The windows are sea facing and overlook the vine planted to the side of the terrace below. There are double doors from the dining room and another set of double doors in the back wall interconnecting with bedroom 3. Both the ceiling and floor are painted wooden boards.


Koundouros Mansion House For Sale on Hydra Island Greece, Hydra real estate. Bedroom 1 on Middle Floor, double door to dining room, (single door also off dining room to bedroom 2).
Koundouros Mansion for sale on Hydra Island Greece. Bedroom 1, interconnecting doors to bedroom 3
Kountouros Mansion House For Sale on Hydra Island Greece. Bedroom 1.


Bedroom 2


The 2nd double bedroom also overlooks the sea as well as the ground floor terrace from two windows. The floor is waxed board and ceiling is painted plaster. This bedroom has a narrow walk-in closet behind a 'false wall' to one end of the bedroom (opposite the bed). There is an internal window to the dining room to allow light to the internal space.


Kountouros House for Sale - Greek Islands Real Estate - properties for sale on Hydra Island Greece. Bedroom 2
Kountouros Mansion House for Sale on Hydra, Hydra real estate, properties for sale in Greece. Bedroom 2, with small door to walk-in closet.
Kountouros house for sale, Hydra real estate, properties for sale in Hydra. View from 1 of the 2 windows in Bedroom 2.


Bedroom 3


This is the smallest bedroom on the middle floor but is still large enough to accommodate a double bed and bedroom furniture. There is no photo featured because the room is currently used as an extra storage space. This room is at the back of the house and has a high wooden ceiling and a very high window overlooking the side of the property (impossible to see out of) for light. There are double interconnecting doors with bedroom 1.


Sitting Room


The sitting room again has a high ceiling but is slightly raised from the other end of this floor. The back of the room is partitioned off from the kitchen with a glazed serving window.


Kountouros Mansion House For Sale - Hydra properties for sale, real estate Hydra. Sitting room, two double doors to middle floor terrace, single door and steps down to study, door through to landing next to stairs.




There is a sweet little room to the side of the sitting room which is used as a study but could be used as a small single bedroom. It has one window overlooking the middle floor terrace and the sea view. So long as you don't get too distracted by the view it would be a wonderful place to write.


Kountouros Mansion House For Sale Hydra Island Greece. Sitting room, glazed hatch to kitchen, side window overlooks side street.




In keeping with tradition and authenticity, the kitchen on the middle floor is the smallest room in the house! It is a more recent addition but still circa 1920 judging by the style of built-in hood and tiling around the traditional cooking area. When the house was originally built, all the preparation and cooking for the household would have been done downstairs on the ground floor where there is much more room.


In addition to the traditional oven and hood, there is a marble sink, cupboards built into the thick walls and space for a larder fridge/freezer. The high window over looks the back and side corner streets.


Middle Floor Terrace


The middle floor terrace is only accessible from either of the double doors from the sitting room. The window from the Study overlooks this terrace.


Kountouros house for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra - Hydra properties for sale. Middle Floor Terrace from sitting room


The Snug & Stairs


The snug is an internal room off the landing which is almost a square. It is currently used for storage. Some natural light enters the room from the partially glazed single entrance door and an internal window from the landing. The stairs to the top floor are behind a door in the corner at the back of the room.


("Whilst surveying the house in order to write this description and take photos, I couldn't resist mentally remodelling the house! My instinct would be to knock the wall down, or form an arch between the snug and combine it with the space of the existing kitchen to create a more modern and 'useful' space for today's kitchen needs. I would also install a 'dumb-waiter' (food lift) near the bottom of the stairs so that food and drink could be transported upstairs to the verani more easily when entertaining. (The top of the dumb waiter would come up where the bed is shown in the photos of the top floor, next to the cover of the staircase in the corner of the Verani.)" Kelsey - 15/10/2016)


Ground Floor


Total Living Space: 195.67 m2 (plus 53.53 m2 - Apothiki)

Terrace: 52.46 m2


Kountouros Mansion house for sale on Hydra Island Greece - historical Hydra real estate. Entrance Hall


This is the oldest part of the house and comprises of a number of areas of unspecified use. Most of this floor with the exception of the more recently added bathroom, is used for storage and not currently liveable. It comprises:

  • Entrance Hall (with 2 street doors)
  • WC
  • Stairs to Middle Floor
  • Double doors to Old Traditional 18th Century Kitchen
  • Large open plan area divided by columns into 4 areas
  • Large windowless storage/workroom (referred to as the Barn room)
  • More recently added suite of three rooms overlooking ground floor terrace
  • Utility room with access to 'Apotheki' (storage basement) and door to ground floor terrace
  • Shower room & WC (through Utility room)
  • Ground Floor Terrace


Kountouros Mansion for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra. Left entrance from side street, right main entrance from Hydra Town.
Kountouros Mansion for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra Lower Street Entrance.
Kountouros Mansion for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra Stairs to middle floor, door to ground floor.
Kountouros Mansion for sale on the Greek Island of Hydra Side Street Entrance.


There are two doors into the ground floor entrance hall. The main door is approached from the lower steps from the centre of town. Above the top of the stairs is the balcony of the middle floor terrace and in the photo above you can see the double doors to the middle floor sitting room. The second door allows entry from the upper side street which is useful if you want to visit the nearest grocery store at Four Corners, or guests are coming from above as you don't have to go down to the main door. The window above the side entrance, shown in the photo above, is to the sitting room. So as you can see in the photos both entrance doors open in the corner of the Entrance Hall.


Entrance Hall


Flooring is of rare hand-cut and fitted 'Dokos Stone' and the stairs to the middle floor are also topped with perfectly cut and polished Dokos Stone. To the side of the stairs there is a WC with toilet and hand basin.


The Old Traditional Kitchen and Living Space


This is the oldest part of the house and is one huge room divided into four distinct areas separated with columns. Most of the traditional beam and reed ceilings have been more recently replaced with beam and boards. However there is still some beam and reed as well as a wonderful example of a wattle & daub wall that encloses the staircase.


Closest to the entrance hall there is a very old traditional oven with a massive hood which probably dates back 250 years.




Passing the oven and hood the room opens up into an open plan area which has lots of potential.



Originally this open plan, low ceilinged space would have been the full extent of the ground floor. Looking at the photo above, the open double doors would have led to the outside space with the window(s) opening to the outside for light into the big room. But at some later stage, the building was extended (about 100 years ago) to add a suite of rooms on the front of the building.


The closed double doors in the corner of the room (in the photo above) go through into what was probably an animal barn originally. Next to these double doors there is an internal window which is barred (indicating that originally it would have been an external window). The floor of this barn like room is beaten earth. There is a window in the barn room that looks into the first (right hand) room of the series of three added rooms. (It is likely that this barred window was originally the barn door!)


The floor of the original open plan room is laid with excellently crafted Dokos Stone. The ceilings are beam and board. There is a large cisterna (freshwater collection tank) under the floor with a well-head positioned against the central column. It is most likely that the top of the cisterna is indicated by the flooring change to flag stones laid to the back corner of the open plan room.

Suite of Three Rooms


From the original space, you step through into the centre room of the series of three which were added at a later time (approx. 100 years ago). Unlike the original rooms, this 'extension' is normal height.


The floors of these three rooms are laid with beautiful terracotta tiles that were impeccably positioned to resemble a carpet. The edges of each floor are bordered with oblong and triangular cut tiles.


To the right of the centre room there is a large room (possible bedroom) with a window to one side looking into the barn room and one looking into the ground floor terrace.


The centre room has one window and a door to the ground floor terrace and one internal window to the original older part of the ground floor to let in some daylight.


To the left of the centre room there is the third (lefthand) large room with a window overlooking the terrace but also with a door opening into a Utility Room (so when added to the suite of three rooms it creates and L-Shape).


Koundouros Mansion House for sale on Hydra Island Greece. Suite of three rooms looking from left room across central room to 3rd room.

Utility Room


This is a very large room with a window and door into the terrace as well as a sea-facing window next to the shower room. The flat roof of this room is the Middle Floor Terrace (from the sitting room above). The floor is laid with concrete and the ceiling is wood beams and planks. Originally the floor of this room would have been the 'lid' of the large freshwater cisterna (water collection tank) that is below it. The original well head is still in situ. But at some point this cisterna was converted into an 'Apothiki' (storage room) and within the utility room there is a trapdoor down to it. (There is also an external door & window to the Apothiki on the steps leading up to the main front door for access.)


Koundouros Mansion house for sale on Hydra Island Greece. Utility Room looking into Shower Room, featuring old wellhead


Shower Room


The shower room is a small simple room with toilet, hand basin and shower. What it lacks currently in size and comfort it makes up for with the view from the window! As it's at the front, sea-facing corner of the building it overlooks the stunning vista of Hydra Town and Harbour.


Koundouros Mansion House For Sale on the Greek Island of Hydra. Utility Room looking towards left hand room (of the series of three) and double doors to ground floor terrace.


Ground Floor Terrace


This terrace is split into two areas. One-third is planted and two-thirds laid with concrete. Within the last two years the front facing walls were re-rendered.


DISTORTION This photograph of the ground floor terrace was taken as a panoramic so as to show the full width, hence the distortion. Hidden by a vine there is a window to the right hand room of the series of three, the door to the central room, window showing light in central room looking through to original living area, right hand window to left hand room and door to utilitiy room.


DISTORTION This photograph of the front elevation from the terrace was taken as a panoramic so as to show the full width, hence the distortion. The windows from left to right, first into Bedroom 1, open window and next closed window are bedroom 2, then the study window overlooking the middle floor terrace. The top floor windows are from room 1 next to Verani. You can see the retaining wall of the long terrace in the middle and the retaining walls of the top roof terrace to the side of the Verani.


Garden and 'Apothiki'


Garden square meters: 86.64 m2


Below the house there is a walled garden planted with fig, lemon and two Cypress trees. At the moment it is completely separate from the rest of the building and can only be accessed from the street at the bottom of the main entrance steps to the front door. It is currently being used to store various items of building equipment as it is very secure behind the ornamental gates. The outside lower corner of the garden wall features an intriguing turret like construction which is very distinctive.


Looking at the photo below, you will see the gate to the garden and halfway up the entrance steps, the door and window to the 'Apothiki' (store room). Some time ago this space was a cisterna (freshwater storage tank) which was converted to an Apothiki. It can also be accessed from inside what is now called the Utility Room.


Koundouros Mansion house for sale on Hydra, Hydra properties for sale. Gate to garden, side door and window to Apothiki, steps up to main front door.
Published Article About the Koundouros Mansion
This article was published some time ago in an architectural buildings magazine. It makes interesting reading and contains a number of photographs, plans and ideas.
Koundouros Buildings Article.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [7.1 MB]


Elevations & Plans


The following plans are taken from the study made for the article above. They are much more detailed than the 'official plans' that are needed these days. They have been included as a guide to help you form a better idea of the layout of the property but you would be required of course to ascertain the accuracy for yourself and to have copies, which are available, of the official plans for the purpose of a contract.




The property is served by the mains town supply for water, electricity and sewage. The property is not currently connected for phone or internet services.



Location & Neighbourhood


The Koundouros Mansion is located in a quiet residential area in the centre of Hydra Town. From the port the property can be approached from the Votsi Square (in front of the Hydroussa hotel) passing either from the 'orange tree' square to the east-side of the Rafalias Pharmacy or from the west-side passing the Cotommatae Hotel. The west-side approach has the least steps to negotiate with only 31 from the level streets to reach the lower level of the mansion. (The house steps to the front door have not been included.)


The mansion is above and behind the Cotommatae and Rafalias gardens with enough elevation to have a clear view of the harbour over all of the houses in front of it. It would not be possible at any future stage for anyone to obtain permission to build or extend any of the properties below, so the view from the Koundouros Mansion will never change.


The side entrance door from the mansion opens to the street that runs behind the 'Old School' at the top of Lignou Street (also known as 'Donkey Shit Lane') and so the well known grocery shop 'Four Corners' is surprisingly close by. This also means that access to the inland country roads for Kamini and Vlychos are also much closer than expected.


The nearby buildings are a mix of homes for local full-time residents of Hydra with a few holiday homes belonging to part-time expat owners above.



Contact & Viewing Arrangements


This is an architecturally important Hydra building with a wealth of features that are rarely found in combination in the same house these days. Whilst structurally sound and maintained, without doubt it needs some serious upgrading/renovation/decoration/modernisation. But .... what an exciting project to undertake?


Price: €1,450,000


The Koundouros Mansion is being sold by the owner (Mr Michael Anastasiou representing his mother) and is advertised for sale on the internet exclusively on HydraDirect.


The property is being sold UNFURNISHED. (Please note that some items of furniture may be available for sale subject to separate negotiation.)


For all enquiries or to arrange a viewing, please contact Mr Anastasiou directly using the form below in the first instance. Please note that viewing is strictly by appointment only and that 2 days notice will be required. There is no key-holder on Hydra and Mr Anastasiou will travel from Athens to meet serious prospective buyers in person. 


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