Essential Guide To Getting Married on Hydra Island, Greece

Hydra is not a place with a mass wedding industry. Each year many people do choose to marry on Hydra but each wedding is unique even when they use the same businesses. Hydra simply does not do ‘package deals’!


Even if you are using the services of a wedding planner, you will find my "Essential Guide to Getting Married on Hydra" ... ESSENTIAL! 


As a minimum it will help you to consider every aspect of your big day.


It is packed with hints and tips, full contact details for everyone, even their personal FB pages and mobile numbers, full descriptions, photos & plans of ALL potential venues, ALL serivces & individuals, even those who don't advertise on my website. I give you unbiased complete information so that you can make informed decisions. I include contingency plans and checklists that you will help you to be organised and able to deal with last minute changes without stress. And to ensure your guests (some of whom will be new to Hydra), my online consultancy service is extended to your guests as well as you so that I deal with their questions about where to stay and how to get to the island, relieving you of as much stress as possible.


Below you will find the headings that are included in the full book. 

Planning Visits 5
Get A Greek Pay-As-You-Go Mobile Phone 5
How Much Does A Wedding Cost on Hydra 5
Contacting Businesses, Suppliers & Individuals 5
Can anyone get married on Hydra? 7
Church Weddings 8
Contact Details to Book Church Weddings 8
Which Churches Are Available 8
Registry Weddings 9
Booking The Registrar 9
What documents do we need & how do we get them? 10
What is an Apostille Stamp and how do we get them? 12
Translation Services 13
How Far in Advance Should We Book 14
How long do we have to stay on the island? 14
What Should We Book First 14
Wedding Assistants 15
Analysis of Public Spaces For Registry Ceremonies 16
Analysis of Private Spaces for Registry Ceremonies 17
Analysis of Chapel Terraces for Spiritual Ceremonies 18
Beach Wedding Ceremony 19
Wording of Civil Wedding 21
Adding Your Own Words 21
Key Guests Speeches During The Ceremony 21
Registry Office Building As Backup 22
How Far In Advance Do We Need To Book 24
Analysis of FIVE Venues for Registry Wedding Ceremonies & Reception Combined 25
Analysis of the TWELVE Venues for Wedding Receptions 32
Running Order On The Day 45
Best Timing On The Day 45
Organising Guest Accommodation 46
Organising Guest Travel To Hydra 51
Hairdressing & Makeup 52
Beauty & Comfort Hints and Tips 53
What to Wear 53
Comfy Feet Are Essential 53
Wedding Flowers 54
Analysis of the THREE providers of Wedding Cakes 55
Wedding Favours & Confetti 56
Table Gifts 57
Analysis of SIX Photography & Video Suppliers 58
Hiring chairs, tables and glasses for different locations 59
Handcart, Mule or Boat Deliveries 59
Welcome packs for guests 60
Advance Delivery (Couriers) 60
Welcome party 61
Thank You Party 61
Catering for Private Parties 61
What shall we organise for our guests when they are here? 62
Bridal Horse 63
Bridal musicians 63
Helium balloons 63
Fireworks 63
DJ & Live Music 64
Traditional Greek Dancers 65
Guest Transport by Boat 66
Stag & Hen Nights 67
Bridal Suites 68
When do we get out wedding certificate? 69
When do we have to pay for everything? 70
Asking Guests To Help 71
What contingency plans should we have in place in case of bad weather or emergency? 72
Wedding Website or Facebook Group 73
Check Lists 74
B&G Whole Stay 75
Guest Accommodation & Travel Plans 76
On The Day Responsibilities 77
The Budget 78
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