The Greek Orthodox Church, Hydra Island Greece

On the Greek island of Hydra you will find monasteries, churches, chapels and road side offeratories (I am still searching for the correct name for the little religious boxes that contain candles, matches etc so you can make your prayer offering,) with most of the larger open to the public when not formally being used for a service, although it must be said that visitors are always welcome whatever the denomination. The larger buildings such as the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary are designated as a monastery which means that weddings cannot be conducted in them.

Cathedral of Hydra

Agia Fotini

Agios Dimitrios

Agia Matrona

Agios Nicolias, Pevges

Agios Konstandinos

Agios Ioannikios

St Ioannikios Name Day 4th November, Greek Orthodox Church in Hydra Island Greece Copyright Spilios Spiliotis
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