Animal Welfare on Hydra Island Greece

Many Hydriots are animal lovers. They are often saddened by the plight of the street and stray animals and there is a group of volunteers who work tirelessly in Hydra to make it a better place for animals. These are the people who make the charity 'HydraArk' really work and they are to be applauded for the way that they quietly get on with caring for animals behind the scenes.


VET: There is no vet on Hydra, although Dimitris the pet shop owner can give advice. If you need a vet I highly recommend George in Kranidi opposite on the mainland via Ermioni. You can contact him via his Facebook page: Κτηνιατρικό Κέντρο Γιώργος Καραθεόπουλος.


HydraArk Animal Welfare Charity for Hydra

The volunteers of HydraArk give their time and effort, and quite often their own money, completely free of charge to come to the aid of distressed or abused animals, whether they are cats, dogs or horses, anywhere in Hydra. So you can rest assured that 100% of your donation or annual membership fee is used to help the animals and none of it goes on administration or salaries.


The volunteers of HydraArk:

  • Operate TNR sessions (Trap, Neuter, Release)
  • Co-ordinate regular veterinary visits to the island to provide medical and surgical aid
  • Dispense vital drugs to combat disease
  • Co-operate with other Greek and International animal welfare charities to suppliment funds
  • Co-ordinate and dispense food to those volunteers who operate winter feeding programs for the colonies of cats they oversee (often numbering up to 70 per colony)
  • Co-ordinate educational programs in the local schools
  • Provide a point of contact to help tourists who want to report animal abuse or cruelty
  • Operate an animal adoption program to rehome abandoned animals (often abroad)
  • Liaise with and provide support during Equine Vet visits to the island who provide surgical, medical and dental treatment to the working horses, mules and donkeys of Hydra.

Help the animals of Hydra, become a member today

I personally know all the key volunteers who manage the bulk of the work done by HydraArk. They are all fanatical animal lovers, are totally committed, honest and trustworthy. The charity is operated perfectly in accordance with Greek charity law. I have no hesitation in assuring you that if you donate or become a member paying an annual subscription, your money will only go to the animals and their care.


Please visit Make a Donation or become a Member (€20/year) if you can give any financial help to this important Hydra Charity.

HydraArk charity providing animal welfare in Hydra Island Greece Greek Charity No: 4531

When the holiday makers go home ...

During the summer, when there is an abundnce of animal loving and caring holiday-makers to feed them, the cats of Hydra florish and are well fed and in good health. Sadly though, the cats who live on the streets becoming horribly ill and some starve and die, simply because the volunteers fight a desparate battle to find the money to buy food for them once the holiday makers have gone home.


The photo is of 'Fishy' a street cat who during the summer was a happy cat on the port but during the winter when there were no kind holiday-makers to feed her, fell ill and had to be nursed back to health by the combined efforts of people like Maria, Carol and Christina, all of whom work tirelessly and often at their own expense to rescue as many of the stray cats who have become used to rich pickings from holiday makers tables during the summer and cannot fend for themselves during the winter.


It is a ghastly photograph, I know, but it serves my purpose to illustrate just how dire the plight of some animals can be during the winter, and how important it is that people financially support the work of the HydraArk trust by making donations or becomming members paying a €20 annual subscription.


Please help the HydraArk charity to continue working to care for Hydra's stray animals during the winter by becoming a member today. THANK YOU!

If you are on holiday and are concerned about the welfare of any animal, please contact HydraArk in the first instance for advice

Some healthy winter cats courtesy of HydraArk Some healthy winter cats courtesy of HydraArk
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