Agia Fotini, Hydra Island Greece

Agia Fotini is a Monastery in Hydra Island Greece which is lived in and maintained by Greek Orthodox Nuns who have a specific responsibility for the neighbouring cemetery. It is not open to the public as a courtesy to those families whose family members have been laid to rest there.


It is reached via the zig-zag road that climbs the side of the mountain opposite the school at the back of the valley where many of the horses are stabled.


From Hydra harbour, take the lane out of the corner next to the Alpha Bank and walk towards the Amalour bar. Branch left and walk between the Amalour on your right and Adonis's hardware shop on your left. Walk straight on then go right and immediate left. Now you are on the main road that goes to the back of town. Pass the Pheadre Hotel on your right, the Piteoussa on your left to the end and then go up the steps from the street to the higher pavement on your right just after the Gyfera Taverna. Keep following that pavement and follow it up as it starts to climb the right hand side of the back of the valley.


The zig-zag road twists back on itself half a dozen times until you reach the top at the gates of the cemetery. The gates are rarely open, and unless you have someone buried in the graveyard it's not really the done thing to go wandering around inside, and it's almost impossible to see the buildings of Agia Fotini as they are on the otherside of the cemetery. So the best way to see it is to follow the white wall, all the way around. From this point on you must have sensible walking footwear on. If you're wearing sandles or flipflops give up now before you twist your ankle!

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