Electricity Supply on Hydra

With 2 and 3 phase electricity supplied on Hydra you will need to bring adaptors for 2 pin sockets.

Electricity Supply for Hydra Island Greece


Electricity is supplied to the island from the mainland via undersea cables. Power sockets are two pin and the voltage is 220 so bring an appropriate adaptor/transformer with you for your hair dryer etc. Don't forget that you will need a transformer for radios, cd players and the like if you are coming from the States. The island's supply is good during the summer months but there tend to be a few power cuts in wet weather. Bring a surge protector with you for your laptop.


Hydra's electricity supply is provided by the national grid referred to as the DEH (pronounced day-ee).


Until very recently, electricity cables were always above ground because 1) most of Hydra is built on granite rock and so is very time consuming and costly to dig up and 1) because there is a small degree of siesmic activity, underground movement would mean regular breakages which would not only be difficult to find but time-consuming and costly to repair and of course very inconvenient for everyone.


Since early 2000, as houses have been renovated or rebuilt, utility services have been laid on and attached to the mains supply via strong, flexible pipes that act as a protective sheath for water and electricty cables to be safely enclosed. This means that more and more of the unsightly cables that festoon the island can be removed.


For Home Owners


The electricty bill you will receive 6 times a year will include more than just your electricity consumption. To simplify the collection of payment, your electricity bill will include:


  • Day time electricty consumption
  • Night time electricity consumption (if you have a second meter installed)
  • National ERT TV licence payment (whether you have a TV or not)
  • VAT on all of the above
  • Plus your Dymos, local community, tax.


Example (August 2017)


I am using my own electricty bill here as an example to help guide prospective house buyers to estimate some of the costs they can anticipate as home owners.


My little house is only 19 square meters. The consumption of electricity of course will depend on how much you personally use so that is difficult to estimate but the other costs included on your bill can be reliably calculated.


Community Tax


Your community tax (Dymos, Municipality) is calculated based on the number of square meters of living space in your house. The total amount is made up of three elements calculated as, Square meters x € amount x number of days for the period of the bill, divided by the number of days in the year, so:

  • ΔΤ: 19m2 x €2,94 x 64(days)/365 = €9,79
  • ΔΦ: 19m2 x €0,34 x 64(days)/365 = €1,13
  • ΤΑΠ: 19m2 x €220,00 x 0,60 x 0,00025 x 64 / 365 = €0.11
  • Total = €12,33 for approximately 2 months
  • So for the year my community charge is approximately €74 for a 19m2 house.


TV Licence


It is assumed by the Greek government that anyone with a property will have a TV in it and so you are automatically charged for the National licence as follows:

  • €36 x 125 (days) /365 (day of the year = €12.33

So basically everyone contributes €36 per year towards national TV.




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