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Aikido Lessons

Tuesdays, 14:00 - 15:30

Jill Appert runs weekly classes for adults at the Old High School at the top of Lignou Street.


Residents are welcome to join and are encouraged to call in on a Tuesday meeting to watch and speak to Jill after a session.


The first 2 lessons are free as an introduction.

Hydra Trails - Endurance as well as fun running


Endurance running in Hydra's countryside is a new sport and activity that has taken off in the last couple of years. Hundreds of Hydriots have been inspired to get fit and healthy at the same time as giving them a reason to get out and enjoy the stunning views and landscapes that the island offers which few had really ever appreciated before. There is a hardcore group of fitness fanatics at the Isalos Cafe. If you are visiting Hydra and want to chat with someone to get inspired you can speak to Ioannis or Stelios who are always available to help and encourage others to get fit or take part. This is not just a sport enjoyed on Hydra. The Hydra runners regularly travel to take part in marathons and runs all over Greece. Last year Hydra was host to the Hydra's Trails Event which had 800 entrants. For 2015 (first weekend in April) the event is being run again with nearer 900 entrants taking part. For 2018, entrants will be capped at 1000. (31st March - 1st April 2018.) For the official site and page please follow click the links below: 


And on HydraDirect, you can also find more information and photos by clicking the following link:

Produced by Nik Sorras, Published on Feb 4, 2015, © Εικονολήπτες:Βλαχόπουλος Παναγιώτης,Ράππας Ιωάννης. Ευχαριστούμε τους Hydra Runner's : Μπακρατσά Στέλιο και Μελαχροινό Γιώργο που με υπομονή όργωσαν το βουνό.

Horse Riding

A new  sport and leisure activitiy started on Hydra in 2014 with Harriet Jarman launching her horse trekking business called Harriet's Hydra Horses, which is proving popular with both tourists and locals. She has 10 different treks to choose from but is happy to adjust to fit the ages, ability and fitness of the riders. Her horses are sweet natured and sturdy. Proper English style riding saddles with safety helmets provided.

The Hydra Football Team

The Greeks are as mad for football as any other nation and you will find fans clustered around the big screens that the cafes put ouside for everyone to watch big matches together in the port. There is a very active team in Hydra that plays at home and trains in the 'Stadium' which in 2014 had astro-turf laid which quite aside from looking much better, is a great improvement for the player as it reduces injury. Visitors are more than welcome to watch and support games and new residents of the island are welcome to go along on practice evenings to meet the team and join. The easiest way to find out what is going on, is to stroll round to the stadium and look at the notice board which will show when the next fixture is on. And if there happens to be someone inside, they will be very happy to talk.

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