Hydrama Theatre & Arts Centre, Vlychos, Hydra Island

Hydrama Theatre hosts contemporary drama and dance activities in Hydra as well as promoting the study and practice of ancient Greek theatre.


Hydrama performances this summer. 
“ORESTES” adapted from the ancient plays. Presented by theatre students from Oakland University. Director: Karen Sheridan
“OUR LEONARDO” Dance/theatre tribute to Leonard Cohen’s Hydra years, returning by popular demand. Presented by a fresh cast of 20 talented & energetic dancers & actors from Canada’s Ryerson Theatre. Featuring Gregory Eadie reprising the title role - and introducing an unusual guest appearance… Director: Peggy Shannon Choreographer Alyssa Martin. 
“THE LADY OF RO” by Gianni Skaragas Featuring the distinguished Greek actress Fotini Baxevani, accompanied by a cellist. A stirring and lyrical performance, based on real events, which will break and mend your heart. Director: Katerina Bertheka
Adapted into English from the award-winning Greek production. Presented by an international cast of performers from Kuwait, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Holland Romania, Scotland ,USA & India. A contemporary poet encounters ten female figures of ancient Greek tragedy, revealing differing aspects of womanhood through the works of the three tragedians. Director: Kostas Gakis 
“LALIES of HYDRA” Devised theatre, presented by Hydriots. Director: Arabella Ross


Performances at Hydrama's open-air amphitheatre in Vlychos are presented free of charge and are a treat that everyone enjoys immensely - whether it is their first experience of drama in Greece or whether they are hardened theatre buffs. The experience of taking a boat to the little hamlet or walking along the coast road, then sitting under the stars to watch live performances is spellbinding. Generally, there are 4-6 performances of different productions held once a week during July and August. (Always on a Thursday.) Some of the performances are in Greek but in the main students come from around the world so the plays are adapted, abridged and performed in English.



Corinna Seeds launched Hydrama in 1999 in Vlychos- where she has lived since 1988 and where her daughters were born and raised. As a professional theatre director with many years experience of community theatre, Corinna was frustrated by the lack of any creative activities in Hydra so she initiated free weekly drama workshops for the local children and youth.


Over the years she has established Hydrama as a unique theatre and arts centre and transformed Vlychos into a hive of vibrant youthful activity in July. Initially the locals were deeply suspicious (some thought she was performing black magic rituals!) – but now the Vlychos and Hydra communities always look forward to meeting and hosting the lively students and professional companies from all over the world each summer.


Hydrama’s founder, the theatre director Corinna Seeds, (above right) gives a brief introduction to each production - often to the accompanying sound of her donkey braying.



Getting to the shows on performance night 


You can walk along the coast road from Hydra Port, crossing the stone bridge over Vlychos valley and then follow the main paved road (as though you were heading to Episkopi) and you will find the entrance to Hydrama about 30 meters from the bridge on your left. Hydrama is set in the private land behind a private house, on performance nights there are plenty of people, lights and posters to show you the way. 


You walk up the steps to the side of the house and immediately onto the 'stage' in the well of the amphitheatre. First-time visitors are often amazed and a little in awe to find themselves suddenly transported to such an unexpected setting! 

A boat also transports theatregoers leaving from Hydra Port, opposite the church clock tower, at 20:45 (This is the last boat and often is full so it's a good idea to get there half an hour earlier). Or you can take a sea-taxi from the port. From Vlychos harbour, walk straight up the valley, passing the Enalion Restaurant, and when you reach the main road, just before the stone bridge, turn right and about 20m along turn left at Hydrama. 


Please note that Hydrama is open to the public only on performance nights! At any other time, visitors must make a prior appointment.




Corinna Seeds

e-mail: info@hydrama.gr

Telephone/fax: 22980 53232 (Hydra)
Mobile : 697 3901 858

from Europe prefix with 0030
from U.S.A. prefix with 01130

Postal address: PO Box 9, Hydra 180 40, Greece.








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