What To Pack

With changeable weather, temperatures varying from 2 - 20 degrees, a day of torrential rain followed by bright sunshine, sometimes windy, sometimes damp, you will need to think carefully about what you pack for an off-season holiday on Hydra to make sure you are comfortable enough to enjoy yourself.


When you pack for a holiday on Hydra during the off-season you really need to think of layers of clothing and at least two sturdy pieces of footware and a weather proof coat preferably with a hood.


As you will see modelled by Marianna, below, wearing a selection of clothes from Dazzle, layers of clothing when you are on Hydra during the off-season is best. You will find that a t-shirt with a thin jumper over is more practical than just one thick jummper. And ladies aim to bring a medium to large handbag as you will want the extra space for a foldup umbrella, scarf, torch, possibly an extra wrap and your sun glasses!



I have included a couple of photos for each of the winter months to give you an idea of what local Hydriots wear at this

time of the year. Apart from special events when we like to dress a little more formally, the islanders tend to dress for comfort and warmth. Snuggly exercise clothing with fleeces, jogging bottoms and body warmers are favourite attire.


Winter holidays on Hydra Island Greece November 14th 2015
Nov 13 2015




Even if you have no intention of walking further than Hydra harbour, you will need to consider what to wear on your feet. The cobble stone harbour and streets are not suitable for heels of any description and you need boots (knee high or ankle) that have low wedges or are flat so that you don't end up on your back. Trainers or walking shoes with good chunky soles to help with grip are vital.


The down side with trainers is that they are really difficult to dry if you get caught in the rain. Because when it rains in Hydra, it tends to be torrential and often the water as it runs down the streets will be more than ankle deep.


Most Hydriots have wellington boots for when it rains heavily. Both the hardware stores on Hydra sell heavy duty, boring but very functional black 'wellies' for €10 a pair so can be thought of as almost disposable, but vital if one of your days on the island turns wet. You can also find more glamourous 'wellies' from a number of the fashion shops on the island too.


Another reason for carrying a large handbag or rucksack is so that you can change your walking boot/shoes for evening shoes when you reach your destination. Most Hydriot ladies will wear boots to walk to a restaurant but swap them for the evening shoes that go with their outfit when they arrive. 


Informal wear for winter holidays on Hydra Island Greece December 13th 2015
More formal winter weather wear for Hydra Island Greece December 25th 2015


Out In The Countryside


If you intend walking, even from Hydra port to Kamini, it is best that you bring a rucksack so that you have anything you need with you.


It can be windy even on a sunny day, so ideally you need to bring a warm, insulated coat, preferably with a hood, that is water proof to keep you warm and dry.


Strong walking boots (preferably ones you have worn in) are vital especially if you are going further afield.


I also recommend that you bring a scarf, hat and gloves.


It rarely gets cold enough for snow but January 2002 was an exception. It was more like frost than snow. It only lasted a couple of days though.
Sunny but cold weather in January on Hydra Island 8th January 2016


Changeable Weather


The weather for Hydra during the winter months can be very extreme so you need to pack both t-shirts and jumpers! While the temperatures don't drop as much as northern european countries, Hydra, especially those places that don't get much winter sun, can feel damp and draughty. Hence my saying bring layers of clothing to you can take off and put on as necessary.


January is most likely to be the coldest month of the year, but frequently goes to extremes. I have known it to be a chilly zero degrees at the start of the month and then the much appreciated 'Halcyon Days' arrive! The Halcyon Days are a period during the depths of winter when the weather pretends it's summer come early. So I have known Januarys where I've needed to bundle up like I'm going skiing and then the next day have been out on the terrace in a t-shirt and shorts! 


What to wear for winter holidays on Hydra Island Greece February 10th 2016
February 22nd 2016


Umbrellas & Sun Glasses


As you will see from the photos a day such as March 13th 2016 (Carnival) can start out sunny enough to need sun glasses but end with rain so you need an umbrella!


March 8th 2016
March 13th 2015
March 13th 2016
22nd March 2016



What's It Like When It Rains


Before the advent of Facebook, many Hydra summer visitors found it difficult to envisage the island as a place where it rains. It can be the gentle sort of rain that didn't really stop the 2016 carnival but often it can be brief but so heavy that the island is flooded especially when the water from the hills cascades down the town steps.


When this happens, everyone is advised to keep inside as much as possible so that you don't have an accident. I have included the following video so you can see what 'real rain' is like. Don't let it put you off though. When it rains on Hydra it can be quite spectacular and in many ways being 'trapped' in a cafe can be fun!




Happily though, Hydra gets a higher percentage of sunny days rather than rain fall each year as you can see from the photo below!


March 20th 2015


I hope that this page and the photos will give you a good idea of what to pack. We look forward to meeting you on Hydra when you next visit.


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