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Here you will find the latest news about Hydra in the form of 'Snippets' as well as pages that have been recently added to the HydraDirect website, the HydraDirect social media links, a few editorial articles, links to articles in the press (such as the New York Times, Figaro and the Telegraph, plus growing galleries of photos and videos showing Hydra Island Greece.


News Snippets!

Making Your Daily Bread

9th August 2016 - Queuing at the To Stachi Bakery to pick up your loaf of bread in the morning is a mouth watering experience. The smell of freshly baked bread wafts out into the street and tickles everyone's noses, irresistibly calling them to the shop. ​This sensory marketing advantage steps into a higher gear when you step over the threshold because even your eyes will betray your efforts to watch your waist line! Surrounded by delicious looking desserts that are just the right size to pop into your mouth whole, shiny baklava bursting with nutty goodness dripping with syrup, flaky breakfast pastries, and the delicious bread balls rolled in seeds ... the onslaught is so overwhelming that it is almost unfair! Read the full article and watch the videos.


Blue Is The New Green


4/7/16 - As with much contemporary art, the interpretation is left to the individual. Maria's 'blue flowers' could be viewed as a protest, a rebelion, a yearning to go against the flow or a statement that not everything in life has to conform. However you imagine the 'message' of this talented artist, without question Maria's work to the side of the road to Mandraki will certainly give you something to talk about on the way to lunch! Read more


Hydra Is Definitely Open For Business
27/04/16 - It's a shame the rest of Greece isn't doing as well as Hydra. For an island with a population under 2,500 and approximately 300 businesses, to have 8 new businesses opening for the 2016 season, it's fairly evident that Hydra Island, at least, is refuting International commentary spreading doom about Greece's economy! See more

26/3/16 - Such a busy little island. I was out of action for 2 days and missed so much!
The Greek Independence Day celebrations took place with due solemnity and pomp - the summer yachting season opened with the annual race, dedicated to the memory of Hydra’s much loved artist Tetsis (perhaps it can also be dedicated to Tetsis next year with an exhibition of his work?) and maybe a few ‘officials’ could go to the Isle of Wight this summer for Cowes Week to get some inspiration about ‘monetizing’ our event on Hydra? - The Museum opened its first exhibition of the year (Naive Greek Art) - A professional and much needed first aid course will be held on Sunday 27th - interested parties are invited to the Municipality meeting on the 28th when funds (one item on the agenda) for the disaster fund (storm of October 2015) will be accepted - and it has been announced that by popular request the play performed by our Hydra Amateur Dramatic Society will have a repeat performance on the 7th April - FANTASTIC. Well done Hydra, what a BRILLIANT place to be xxxx

9/3/16 - This morning the ship Nectaria II started work on dredging the 'town beach' which was formed in Hydra harbour during the horrendous storm of October 2015 when tonnes of debris was was washed down from the mountainside to be deposited in the harbour forming, quite literally, a beach! It only took one day to form but as you will see from the video (click see more) the scoop is going to take a lot longer to get it all out!

3/3/2016 - Tsiknopempti (Τσικνοπέμπτη) celebrated in Hydra Streets and squares today. The traditional day of the 'Thursday of eating meat from the smoke' was a fun reason to down tools at L&B Electric this evening for some loud music, lots of BBQ'ed meat and a plentyful supply of local wine to share with friends and passersby.


Read more about this annual tradition that's part of the Carnival season.Tsiknopempti Τσικνοπέμπτη celebrated in Hydra


The first meeting of volunteers for the Hydra's trail event 2016 will take place on Wednesday 02/03/2016 at 18.30 in the chamber of the municipality Council Hydra (former building ote). Contact us at and please state if you will be able to attend the meeting. For any other clarification please contact Mr. Hadji Constantinou Michalis in mail Waiting for you all. Management Team of volunteers, Hydra's trail event.


3/2/16 - A Gift to Ydra - Ioanna Papadopoulou, President and CEO Papadopoulou Foods (GR) in conjunction with the insurance company, Interamerican, have agreed to donate €15,000 PER YEAR to the Kouloureio Hospital “Panagia Faneromeni” Hydra, to cover the costs of providing emergency airlifts when urgent medical help is needed by Hydra residents and visitors. The Papadopoulos family are well know lovers and supporters of Hydra’s community. This is yet another example of their wonderful, practical and sensitive help and contribution to the well-being of the island. What FANTASTIC people!


3/2/16 - RIP Maria Diamanti died on 1/2/16 after a long battle with cancer and was buried today in Hydra with a service at the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Hydra Town. Maria was the much loved, kind and gentle radiologist who worked at Hydra's Hospital. Few people knew that she had been battling cancer for so many years because she was very brave and always put the feelings of others before her own. Maria was only in her mid-fifties, far too young to be taken. She will be sadly missed by the community and by her work colleagues. My deepest condolences and sympathy to her family.


3/2/16 - New restaurant to open, mid April, above Avlaki Beach. Those of you who were fans of the location of the previous Jazmina and then Rodi restaurants, will be happy to know that the single story building and it's pine shaded courtyard on the road above Avlaki Beach is now under the new management of Jason Barios and his partner. Techne will be opening around mid April this year. Derived from Ancient Greek, the meaning of Techne is craftsmanship, skill or art. Jason explained to me that they are opening a restaurant (it will not be a club atmosphere with loud music into the nights), which will serve Mediterranean dishes, many of them old traditional Greek dishes which have been forgotten but will be served by them with a modern twist. They intend being open all day serving coffee/breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jason and his team have travelled extensively, especially between Athens and London, but Jason's grand parents were from Hydra and so he feels he is returning to his roots. I wish him and the Techne team lots of good luck and success.

2/2/16 - To Gitoniko (aka Christina & Manolis Taverna) reopens on 1st March. Following the tragedy suffered by the Economou family earlier last summer which caused the temporary closure of this most popular taverna, I am very happy to announce that Bernadette (daughter of Christina and Manolis) and her husband Panagiotis will be re-opening To Gitoniko for this coming season. Their intention is to open on the 1st March. Christina will continue to support them, however she will not be there as much as before because she is semi-retired and will be looking after her gorgeous grand-daughter (so perhaps retirement is not the most accurate description!) I know that many Hydriots as well as visiting fans will share my sentiment when I wish the family every success for a wonderful year.


29/1/16 - Oscar arrives to join the trekking team at Harriet's Hydra Horses ... read more.


25/01/16 - The small Gymnasium in the centre of Hydra Town has closed permanently - the building is being converted into apartments!

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