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Hydra Island Greece is a popular Greek island for publishers who frequently send reporters and film makers to visit for material for their newspapers and magazines and even their TV documentaries. So here you will find what the papers say!


Hydra: The Laid-Back Greek Island

Condé Nast Traveler®, Antonia Quirke, 09/05/16

It's now a stop-off on the glittery international art circuit and yet the boho, go-slow Greek island of Hydra will always sway gently to its own rhythm. Read More

Island getaways offer splendor, solitude

By Rick Steves, Friday, July 1, 2016

Memorable seaside views, whitewashed homes and well-worn harborside cafes combine to make Hydra an ideal Greek isle. Read More

Horse Riding In Hydra

365 Day Of Bliss, by Μαριάννα Δίγκα Βασιλοπούλου, 08/07/16

The variety of choices is very large and one can choose from an 8-hour long route to the top of the island or a trek by the sea including swimming, which can fit even a day trip to the island. You just need to have the foresight to book an appointment with Harriet before arriving on the island. Read More

Hydra For Foodies

365 Day Of Bliss, by Μαριάννα Δίγκα Βασιλοπούλου, 24/06/16

Come with me to a culinary guide of Hydra.
Don't you hate wandering around a new place with hungry kids not knowing which place would be clean and with quality food? For us this is usually number one trouble on trips. Read More

Beyond The Sea

New York Times, by Lawrence Osborne, Mar 21, 2014

The sun-soaked island of Hydra has long inspired artists and intellectuals from Henry Miller to Leonard Cohen, and even today with the influx of art stars and yachting billionaires, its unspoiled charm remains intact. Read More

Hydra Bliss

365 Day Of Bliss, by Μαριάννα Δίγκα Βασιλοπούλου, 18/06/16

Here you can find 7 facts that make Hydra the best choice for a boutique family vacation. Please do keep in mind as you read that this guide is made for families like ours that have children over 3 years old, able to walk a fair distance without a stroller. Read More

Homing in on Hydra's charms

The Telegraph, by Archie Thomas, 22 July, 2013

The older of the two dentists on the Greek island of Hydra did things the old-fashioned way. In the waiting room of his elegant, book-lined surgery in Hydra Town’s backstreets there was a tray of hard liquors. Clutching my aching tooth, I tried not to wonder who they were for – the dentist or his patients. Read More

Hydra Travel Guide

 The Telegraph, Marc Dubin, destination expert, 14/1015

An insider's guide to Hydra, featuring the island's best hotels, restaurants, bars, things to do, attractions, and how to travel there and around. By Marc Dubin, Telegraph Travel's Hydra expert. Read More

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