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These are articles with my own observations of what living and working in Hydra Island Greece is like and the people I encounter, typical island activities that might not seem so typical to the rest of the world and the places I visit on this idylic Greek island of Hydra that I call home.


The Candle Maker


After exclamations, hugs, kisses and the obligatory pinching of the cheek, I was welcomed into Kyria Maria’s ancient Candle Making Workshop ....

Olive Harvest


The gentle, pastoral scene worthy of an old master's painting belies the reality: it's an intensive, completely manual, hard labour process against the clock. You don't pick olives when you have an estate of two thousand olive trees. You rake them off!


I confess that while delighted to accept the opportunity to sit with Wendy and Takis to continue the conversation over lunch, I was only cautiously enthusiastic about eating what was on the menu ...

Festive 2015

What's open and what's happening over the 2015 Christmas & New Year's festivities in Hydra Island, Greece

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