Annual Festivals & Events Celebrated in Hydra, Greece

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* Dates vary from year to year


Epiphany Hydra Island Greece 6th January Religious Celebration - Photo Copyright Σπήλιος Σπηλιώτης
Greek Independence Day celebrated in Hydra Island Greece 25th March National Bank Holiday


Hydra's calendar is dominated by the Greek Orthodox Religion. The year is punctuated by religious sevices which, in spite of their serious nature, add an 'inclusive' atmosphere to island life on a regular basis with many colourful processions as part of church services.


Τσικνοπέμπτη Tsiknopempti Thursday of the smoke of grilled meat - part of the carnival season in Hydra Island Greece Τσικνοπέμπτη - Tsiknopempti 11 days before Clean Monday.


Visitors are more than welcome to watch and, to a certain degree, take part in some of the traditions particularly with Pascha (Orthodox Easter). 


Carnival in Hydra Island Greece National Event
Traditional food for Clean Monday Observation, start of Lent in Greek Orthodox Calendar


There are also Hydra specific annual events such as the Miaoulia and Kountouriotis Festivals and the National Bank Holidays of Independence Day and Ochi Day. 


Paska, Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations in Hydra Island Greece Greek Orthodox Church Celebration
Hydra specific event weekend

Hydrama, the Hydra's Trail Event, the Equine Vet's Autumn Surgery and the Rebetika Festival add even more local colour to our busy diaries in Hydra.


May Day flowers are gathered, arranged and hung over the doors of shops and homes in Hydra Island, Greece National Bank Holiday
Miaoulia Festival, fortnight of events to celebrate Hydra's hero, Admiral Andreas Miaoulis who helped launch the Greek War of Independence from Hydra Island Greece Hydra specific event

Miaoulia Festival (Final weekend) 21 - 23 June 2019. (TBC)


And when you add all the art exhibitions, dance and musical concerts, there really isn't a day during the summer when there isn't a choice of what to do in Hydra Island, Greece!


Hydra specific events
Assumption Day, Dormition of the Virgin Mary, Greek Orthodox Church Services throughout Greece National Greek Orthodox Church
Kountouriotis Festival celebrated in August, Hydra Island, Greece Hydra specific event Photo credit Σπήλιος Σπηλιώτης
Rebetika festival held in Hydra Island, Greece, annually in Spetember. Hydra specific event
Oxi Day celebrated in Hydra and throughout Greece on the 28th October each year. National Bank Holiday
Hydra specific event
Greek Orthodox Church event, Hydra specific
How Christmas is celebrated in Hydra Island, Greece Christmas in Hydra
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