Hydra's Trail Event - Endurance Running in Hydra Island


The sport of endurance and trail running in Hydra Island, has developed over the years and now, the annual event weekend held at the beginning of April, engenders enthusiasm and support from not just the local community, who turn out in their droves to support it, but is world renowned with international athletes coming to take part in the downhill and marathon races.


Dates announced for next year: 8th - 9th April 2017


This event weekend is now so hugely popular that visitors to Hydra Island, whether they are intending to run, want to absorb the charged atmosphere as a supporter, or are just intending to travel to the island during this time, are advised to book travel tickets & accommodation well in advance!


The headquaters of the Hydra's Trail Event is at the Isalos Cafe in Hydra Harbour. Ioannis and Stelios and most of the people who work there are members of the Hydra Running Club and at least one of them is there any day of the year to answer any questions and to give help and information. For informal information and details, please visit the Hydra's Trail Event Facebook Page.


For athletes who wish to register to run in the races, they should contact the organisers via the Hydra's Trail Event Website.

Eros Mountain Run - 25 kilometer route


The Eros Run is a demanding race of 25 kilometers reaching a maximum altitude of 600 meters. There are eight refreshment stations along the circular route.


Rock Race - 10 kilometer route


This route is for those who want to get a taste of mountain beauties of Hydra but have not the proper preparation to participate in the Eros run. The distance is 10 kilometers to an altitude of 500 meters plus, so still a demanding but intermediate test of endurance.


Downhill Race - 12 kilometer route

Fun Run - Distance: 4.70 kilometers, Altitude:195 meters


This route type is urban (city trail). Aimed at those who want to get a taste of the beauty of Hydra and especially the picturesque urban fabric.

It can become even like hiking route. At the highest point of (Ag. Konstantinos of Hydra), enjoy wonderful views of the harbor.
This race starts and ends in Hydra Port.


Junior's Mini Race

In the community ...

Ifegenia bursting with pride as she yelled support for Ioannis, her husband in 2015. For me it captures the effort of all the runners AND the supporters enthusiasm, team spirit and love that is the driving force of this event.

This event has enormous and very positive participation and support in the community of Hydra.


The Hydra's Trail Event was initiated by the Hydra Endurance Running Club whose members just LOVE to RUN and they have one of the most beautiful, natural and scenic circuits in the world right on their doorstep! Hydra has everything they need to test their endurance from level roads, to mountain tops, pine forest trails and countryside trails. 


The entire community, whether runners or not, gets involved in the annual Hydra's Trail Event, which happens at the beginning of April. The dates are determined by what slots are available in the International calendar. The Hydra Club and the Hydra supporters are hosts to runners from all over the world. In 2015 there were nearly 1000 competitors taking part in one or more of the four races. And in 2015, the number of Hydra residents taking part was nearly double the number from the previous year. 


Every doctor known to the island, comes to be on standby in case of accidents and are strategically based around the courses. The island's Municipality, Fire Department, nurses, photographers as well as a volunteer team of Hydriot marshals (numbering at least 200) all give up their time to provide support and help. It is a tremendous amount of effort and a stunning example of what can be done by a community when they pull together. Then there are the financial sponsors of the event who don't just add money to the pot but are so behind it that they come and take active roles. And finally, but in no way least, the supporters, those brilliant people who not only line the harbour finishing end, but make the effort to walk up into the mountains and find the stamina to clap, blow whistles and yell their encouragement to all the runners who pass them. As one friend from Vlychos said to me 'I was there till the very end ...  I thought my hands would never be the same .... but I had to keep clapping because the people at the end needed more encouragement than the ones at the beginning!'. This sentiment reflects how everyone feels about this event.


Hydras Trail Event 2015

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