Museums of Hydra Island Greece


There are three museums on Hydra Island Greece, which although not large or on the scale you would find in a big city, have more than enough information and some beautiful exhibits to illustrate Hydra's illustrious history. Well worth visting all three. I have included the Monestary in Hydra Town and the candle maker's workshop, because while they are fully functioning centres of work, they shouldn't be missed by those of you who like to know what makes a community tick. The candle maker's workshop hasn't changed in nearly a century and delights everyone who visits.



Written by Kelsey Edwards

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Lazaros Kountouriotis Mansion

Museum & Historical Archives of Hydra

The Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary


Whilst not a museum, the Cathedral Church, and monuments, etc, within the confines of the Monastery should not be missed by anyone seeking more information about the island's history - here you will find history being lived on a daily basis.


The Monastery with its stunning architecture, tiny cloisters and memorials, is a busy and active center of everyday life in Hydra. If entered with respect and dressed modestly, visitors are very welcome to visit and find a peaceful refuge where they can absorb more of Hydra's interesting history and heritage.


Ecclesiastical Museum of the Cathedral

Hydra Monastery

The Candle Maker's Workshop

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