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Hydra Island Greece, Hydra Property For Sale, property for sale, property for sale in Hydra Island Greece, estate agents, real estate, for sale by owner Kelsey Edwards: owner of HydraDirect, personally promoting Hydra in general and Hydra's building trades and property for sale by owner in particular.


These days, I concentrate solely on promoting Hydra through advertising and marketing, no longer working as an estate agent. However, I keep up my knowledge of the property market up-to-date in order to help my advertisers and their prospective buyers. I hope you will find my articles here of use.


The Property Buying & Selling Process

The seller advertises a property for sale, the buyer views it, an offer is agreed, then the process of conveyancing begins. This article provides a detailed check list of what must be done, by whom and approximately how much it will cost to ensure that both parties are aware of their legal obligations ... READ MORE


Property For Sale By Owner Trending On Hydra

Easier access to promoting properties for sale in Greece, using the internet has started a trend towards advertising Houses For Sale By OWNER so that neither the buyer nor the seller has to pay real estate agent fees. Years ago when the role of Real Estate Agent was acknowledged as a profession/service, the Greek Government deemed 4% as an acceptable amount for the seller to pay an agent upon completion of a sale. With rising prices over the last 20 years, it became the norm for sellers to ask the buyer to split the agent’s commission, hence it is now thought of as standard agency practice to charge both parties 2%. BUT this causes a serious conflict of interest ... Read More

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