Koutsikou Hydra

A unique fashion design concept store on the port of Hydra Island. Clothing, accessories and homeware, simple and stylish. Underlined by the philosophy that style should be affordable to everyone.

Koutsikou was opened on Hydra in 2019 by Italian born Lea Paolini (graduate of the London College of Fashion). The shop is located in the Madame Paouri building (opposite the disembarkation steps of the sea taxis).

Stylish chic is not limited to the deceptively simple and elegant designer clothing you will find at Koutsikou.


The concept of taste being an every day 'requirement', is incorporated in lifestyle choices.

Nothing is mass-produced and every limited edition, whether it's a carpet, bag, vase or piece of jewellery is 'special' and something to be cherished but not just for special occasions.


At Koutsikou you'll find stylish pieces to be used everyday as a way of life.

Koutsikou Hydra, fashion design concept store on Hydra Island. Carpets & Textiles

Emphasis is on natural materials throughout. 

Koutsikou Hydra, fashion design concept store on Hydra Island. Bangles made with natural seeds polished to bring out their colours.

The atmosphere of the Koutsikou shop is relaxed and inviting. You are welcome to visit for a browse, to chat with Lea and her friendly team, to be inspired with no pressure. I can guarantee you'll want to come back to get something special to take home with you!

Contact Details

Contact: Lea Paolini


Mobile: +(39) 338 938 1961


Email: koutsikoushop@gmail.com

Lea Paolini of Koutsikou on Hydra Island. Lea Paolini of Koutsikou on Hydra Island.


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