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Open all year, here you can find the nearest supermarket to where you are staying. Get to know your local shop keepers for your essential supplies especially if you are staying in a holiday home rental on Hydra Island Greece. They all deliver by Mule!


Georgia Supply Boat

Maragos Supermarket

Maragos Supermarket, Hydra Island Greece, supermarkets in Hydra, Hydra supermarkets This photo is in loving memory of Kyriakos (Koulis) Maragos.

Four Corners

Four Corners Supermarket in Kamini on Hydra Island Greece. Four Corners, Upper Kamini (Maria & Dimitris)


Mitsiou Supermarket, Hydra harbour, Hydra Island Greece, supermarkets in Hydra, Hydra supermarkets, Yannis Mitsiou Mitsiou, Hydra Harbour (Giannis Mitsiou)


Rabias supermarket Hydra Island Greece Rabias, Hydra Town (Takis, Annemaria & George)


Bexis Supermarket in Hydra Town, Hydra Island Greece - shopping in Hydra, Hydra Shops. Bexis, Hydra Town (Christos, Lena & Chrysa)


SuperKmarket is on Hydra Harbour and is owned and operated by Takis Kalamatianakis in Hydra - Hydra Supermarkets for Hydra Island Greece SuperKmarket, Hydra Harbour (Takis)


Gavrilis supermarket, upper Kamini Village in Hydra Island Greece. Garivlis Supermarket, Upper Kamini (Christos)


When I first came to Hydra in 2000, there were only two supermarkets in Hydra Town. Today there are four to choose from, and often islanders will buy a bit from each depending on what each have in at different times and after price comparison. In Kamini, there are four supermarkets although they would be described as general provisions shops elsewhere.


Generally the supermarkets will stock what you would expect most supermarket chains to offer elsewhere in the world except the range and volume they hold is less as the premises are very much smaller. (Building restrictions on Hydra, as it's designated a national monument, prohibit the building of larger properties.)


Be aware that brand names that you might recognise, such as Heniz Baked Beans, will be a lot more expensive than the local, and equally as good, variety of tinned beans. This is because they are imported. Similarly, it is less expensive, and a much tastier option, to buy cheese from the block at the delicatessan counters rather than pre-packed options.


I don't think there are any supermarkets on the island where the staff don't speak English so if you can't find something, just ask.



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