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Travel Options For Hydra

Lots of different travel options are available to bring you to Hydra Island Greece, here you will find travel information and help in getting to Hydra and what transport options are available on this car, bike & moped free island.


HYDRA DOES NOT HAVE AN AIRPORT - NOT EVEN A LITTLE ONE! But Helicopters can land on the tiny islet of Kivotos and then a 3-minute sea taxi transfer to Hydra Harbour. Hydra is an island so your journey will involve a passenger sea trip (sorry no cars, mopeds or bikes allowed on Hydra).


Track Your Boat

Not sure whether your boat will arrive on time?: click this link to track it in real time! Just put the name of the boat in the search box at the top right-hand corner and press search.

Most often used transfer route

AIA (fly) - Piraeus (road) - Hydra (passenger catermaran by sea)

Fly into Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" (AIA).

Express Bus (€6.50 per person, single ticket) or Taxi (4 passengers plus luggage €50) from AIA - Pireaus Port, connecting with

Hellenic Seaways flying dolphin and cat hydrofoils to Hydra (€28 per person single ticket). (Total Costs for 4 people, one way: €138 - €162)

Overland to Metochi

AIA (fly) - Metochi (drive) - Hydra (passenger ferry)

Fly into Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" (AIA).

Taxi from AIA to Metochi Jetty via Corinth Canal (3 hour drive, €200 - €250 one way), connecting with

One of the passenger ferries to Hydra. (25 minute crossing, €6.50 per person one way). (Total cost for 4 people: €226 - €276)

After dark you can call a sea taxi to collect you or deliver you to Metochi.

Drive across Greek mainland (or Europe) to Hydra

Drive to Metochi - Park - Hydra (passenger ferry)

From anywhere on the mainland, whether by Taxi or with a hire car, you can drive to the secure car park at Metochi, leave your car with complete confidence and continue onto Hydra by sea taxi or on one the passenger ferries.


Click this link Drive, Park, Sea for full details.

By Boat

AIA (fly) - Varkiza (drive) - Hydra (sea taxi)

From AIA or anywhere in Athens, get a taxi to Varkiza Marina (15 mins from AIA, €10 for up to 4 people) to connect with a pre-booked sea taxi to take you to Hydra, Kamini, Vlychos, Plakes or Mandraki (2 hours, cost €500 one way - but can take up to 8 passengers).

Total cost for 4 passengers €510.

By Helicopter

AIA (Fly) - Kivotos Islet (helicopter) - Hydra (sea taxi)

Combine an air sight-seeing trip at the start or end of your Hydra holiday! I recommend AirLift because they collect you from AIA arrivals, escort you the helicopter and liaise with a sea taxi to ensure that when you land on the rocky islet of Kivotos (200m off the beach in Molos Bay), your sea taxi is there ready to run you along the coast to wherever on Hydra's coast you want to reach. The helicopter flight is approximately 30 mins, sea taxi ride 3-5 mins.

Click HELICOPTER for full details & booking.

Strike Action or Bad Weather Disruptions

Yes, there are sometimes disruptions but there are alternatives & help!

Follow this link TRAVEL DISRUPTIONS for full details of alternative ways to travel and car/sea taxi sharing etc., and how to get refunds.

Sailing or Cruising to Hydra

Sail into Hydra the most picture postcard harbour in Greece!

Hydra harbour is not just beautiful but small - one of everyone's favourite hobbies is watching yachts moor up (and rather wickedly it's wonderfully amusing when they get in a muddle!) Regular visitors with yachts or cruise boats will know the routine, but for those who don't, Pan Lembessis is Hydra's unoffical harbour manager who can be reached for help on his mobile +(30) 6974565155 and the official Harbour Master's Coastguard office number is +(30) 22980 52279.

Christos Passenger Ferry, Ermioni - Hydra

The Christos passenger ferry offers a regular timetable of sea crossings between Ermioni on the Peloponnese mainland and Hydra Island. Daily sailings, 4 each way with more in the summer. This is a perfect service for those who want to drive or take a taxi from AIA, park in Ermioni and then take the 30-minute crossing to or from Hydra. It's also a great service for those who want a day-trip from Hydra to visit the pretty seaside village or to go to the Thursday market for some shopping fun.



Luggage Transport and Getting About on Hydra

Motorized/wheeled vehicles are banned on the ENTIRE island - so you WON'T FIND ANY CARS, MOPEDS or BICYCLES, as they are not allowed on Hydra. Foot-power is the primary means of getting about on the island!


You will need to inform your accommodation of what time and how you will arrive (at least 48 hours prior to your arrival) so they can meet you to show you to the place you are staying. There is nothing worse than arriving on the port and not having a clue where to go - worse, having to lug your bags up potentially quite a few steps on your own. Similarly, house owners or their managers can't be expected to loiter all day meeting every boat. As a courtesy, you should travel with a contact number in your phone and make sure that the accommodation has the number of the mobile you are travelling with too.


Most accommodation whether a hotel, guest house or holiday let, will have a mule or handcart organised for you but they do need to know a time.



Most of the hotels and some of the guest houses that are on the level streets of Hydra Town, have an arrangement with the operators of the handcarts to collect luggage for guests and show them the way to their accommodation. You will see them holding up signs for each hotel when you disembark. Holiday let houses also use this service but you will be expected to pay in cash unless the accommodation includes it in their price.


MULES RULE! You will rarely see a donkey working the port. Mules are used to transport luggage and normally the owners/managers of holiday houses will have arranged for 'their muleteer' to carry your bags to your accommodation. In most cases you will be expected to pay for this service.

Hotels, guest houses and pensions not on level streets tend to expect visitors to carry their own bags or to hire a mule when they arrive and pay for it themselves.

Sea Taxis (aka Water Taxi)

Take a sea taxi if your accommodation is in Kamini, Vlychos, Plakes or Mandraki. Please note that you will most likely have to pay the sea taxi driver in cash as it is rare that the accommodation covers this cost unless they specifically say so.


Sea Taxis are licenced to take passengers on one-way trips.


Sea taxis are of course available for trips to the beaches and are an excellent way to explore the coastline of Hydra.

Beach Boats

Large boats moored in the harbour opposite the church clock tower are used to ferry people back and forth to the 'organised beaches'. These include Mandraki, Vlychos, Plakes, Bisti and Ag. Nickolaos beaches. Beach boats are only licenced to take people on a round trip (return ticket). You MUST buy a return ticket from the back of the boat in Hydra port (even if you only want to ride one way and walk there or back). If you walk to Vlichos and try to board the boat to come back into Hydra harbour, you won't be able to!

Bringing Your Pet to Hydra

Not a problem. Hellenic Seaways and the Metochi Passenger Ferries are happy to let them travel with you. BUT Hydra has 100's of street cats, more mules than anywhere else in world and lots of dogs, all of whom wander around as they please. This can be very stressful for visiting dogs and cats so you are advised to keep your pet on a lead (with a muzzle if particularly aggressive) at all times even if you go for a walk in the countryside. Pooper scooping is always appreciated too! Please make sure your accommodation is happy to have pets when you book. There is no vet on Hydra although the pet shop owner Dimitris can give first aid and advice. If you need a vet I highly recommend George in Kranidi opposite on the mainland via Ermioni. You can contact him via his Facebook page: Κτηνιατρικό Κέντρο Γιώργος Καραθεόπουλος.

Be Prepared to Walk

It doesn't matter who you are, everyone has to walk on Hydra. The roads and lanes are of cobble and as soon as you are out of the town confines, you'll only find unmade tracks (some of them very rocky at that). And once off the harbour, most of Hydra's lanes are actually staircases. So you really need to be prepared and know what to expect.

Emergency Services

Hydra Emergency Number: 199

International Emergency & Rescue: 112

1) Local Fire Station: +(30) 22980 53199

2) Coastguard (Port Police): +(30) 22980 52279

3) Police (Tourist/Island): +(30) 22980 52205

4) Hospital +(30) 22980 53150 & 53151

5) GP & First Aid: +(30) 22980 52420 & 29720

6) Pharmacy Mr Gavalas: +(30) 22980 53260

7) Pharmacy Mr Rafalias: +(30) 22980 52059

8) Dentist Mr Zervos: +(30) 22980 52566

9) Dentist Mr Grigoropoulos: 22980 53431

10) Looking Good Opticians: +(30) 22980 29646

Currency & Banking

Greek monetary controls are in place for all of Greece, but this does not affect visitors. Holiday makers can use the currency exchange and ATM withdrawal services as they would in their home countries. Limitations on the amount you can withdraw daily are the same as they would be if you are at home. There are three banks on the harbour, Alpha, National and Piraeus Banks and all have 24 hour ATMs. Banking hours are 09:00 - 14:00 Monday - Friday. (Closed on national holidays).

Hydra Utilities & Services

For informtion about power supply, telephone & internet services, please follow the link.

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