Flying Dolphins - Flying Cats - Hydrofoils & Catamarans to get to Hydra Island Greece from Piraeus

Hellenic Seaways ticket office for Hydra, Greek Islands Ticket office at the very far end

Hellenic Seaways operate their hydrofoils (Flying Dolphins) and Catamarans (Cats - bigger than dolphins) out of Piraeus and have a regular timetable throughout the year. You'll find their ticket offices around the port. Don't forget to ask the ticket office to point out where you dolphin will leave from. YOU CAN BOOK ONLINE and take your reservation number (it will be emailed to you) to the ticket office to collect your ticket on the day of travel - make sure you leave yourself enough time in high season in case there's a queue.



Click for online booking Hellenic Seaways

Select tickets to collect from Agent

Print the email confirmation so you have the reference number with your travel documents

Enter port at Gate E8

Collect the actual tickets at least 15 minutes (30 mins in high season) before sailing. (The barcode on the email confirmation only works if the girl collecting the tickets has the machine with her - often this is not the case so it is always less stressful to obtain the actual tickets before you try to board.)


To avoid disappointment ALWAYS book your ticket in advance (minimum 2.5 hours after your landing time). If you are delayed you can phone Hellenic Seaways up to 1 hour before your planned sailing time to change your tickets for a later one if you think you're not going to get there in time.

Ring +30 210 419 9000 in case of delays.


Dymos Piraeus building opposite flying dolphin for Hydra part of Piraeus port Stop at the (Deemos Piraeus) Building

The port of Piraeus is large and sprawling. If you take a taxi from the airport, ask for Piraeus and make sure the driver knows you're heading for Hydra and then you'll get put down at gate E8 of the port.


The bus terminal (as of 2013) is NOT right outside the port gates so you need to speak to the driver and make sure he understands that you want to be put down for the flying dolphin to Hydra at Piraeus. The closest bus stop is between the two kiosks in from the the Piraeus Dymos bullding opposite Gate E8 (as shown in the photo). You will need to cross the main road which is very busy so please use the crossings at the lights.

Hellenic Seaways Flying Cat, transport to Hydra, Greek Islands Arriving at Hydra on the Flying Cat

Hellenic Seaways are one of the main carriers between the Greek islands and the mainland. They have a huge number of routes. Hydra is on the route that also includes Poros, Spetses, Porto Heli and Ermioni. What is included on the route depends on the time of day that the flying dolphin or cat leaves however Hydra is such a popular destination that it is included on most trips anyway.



Price range: Return trip from Piraeus to Hydra on flying cat approx. €54.00 (2015) per person.
Telephone: +(30) 210 419 9000 (Piraeus)

Hydreoniki Travel (Hellenic agent on Hydra) +(30 22980 54007

Visit for bookings and more info.

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