Hydra is well organized to help travellers to get to and from the mainland airport in the event of transport strikes that stop the flying dolphins and cats.


Occassionally mainland strike action in Greece or bad weather will disrupt your travel plans. This page presents the alternatives so it doesn't spoil your holiday on Hydra!


CANCEL any dolphin/cat tickets you may have already booked BEFORE the time of the sailing. If you made your booking online you will have a reference number to quote, go online and send them an email requesting a refund. If you have the actual tickets, you can take them to the Hellenic office on Hydra or in their ticket booth in Piraeus to get a full refund. (If you missed the boat or think you might, you can't get a refund, instead Hellenic will move your ticket to a different sailing or change your ticket to 'open date'.)

Whatever the situation you can call Hellenic on +30 210 419 9000. 


The transport companies of Hydra are determined to help make the inconvenience as little trouble and cost to you as possible so here are the plan B options in case you need them.


If in the event the strike is called off at the last minute, please have the courtesy to contact anyone you have made an alternative arrangement with to let them know that you no longer need them - or you still want them! - Thank you.


TAXI: To/From Airport: Take a taxi (up to 4 people) between Airport and Metochi (opposite Hydra) via Corinth Canal.

Average Time: 3 hours

Cost per taxi: €210 - €250 (more at night)

Maximum 4 people

Taxi sharing arranged by driver up to maximum capacity so cost shared by 4.

Click here for taxis

Strongly advise prebooking to ensure full capacity.

Contact drivers directly via the links provided to their pages, so that they can book as soon as possible and get others to share.


PEOPLE CARRIER: To/From PIRAEUS: Take a taxi from the rank outside the arrivals terminal or prebook a taxi or the Express Bus to Piraeus, meet Alexandros Papadopoulos with his people carrier (Maximum 7 people) at the bus lay-by opposite the E9 exit gate from Piraeus Harbour (next to open ground with fountain and church across the main road from E9). People carrier then drives to and from Metochi (opposite Hydra) across country going over the Corinth Canal.


To book or for times already booked (and still with seats) please follow this link to contact Alexandros directly.

Average Time: 3 hours

Cost per taxi: €210 (more at night)

Maximum 7 people (€30 per person)

Contact: Alexandros Papadopoulos

Taxi sharing arranged by driver up to maximum capacity so cost shared by 7.

Please contact as soon as possible so that Alexandros can book more people at the same time to share costs.


PASSENGER FERRY FROM/TO METOCHI/HYDRA: Once at Metochi you will take the Freedom Passenger Ferries. The Zogos Family will most likely operate every half hour to accommodate the increase in demand. You cannot prebook but be assured that there will be ferries.

Cost per person: €6.50

Time: 20 minutues


Kiki Zogos in the kiosk at Metochi will be available to help anyone who needs to get hold of a taxi or general reassurance.

See: FREEDOM for more info and photos.


Hydra Celebrity also run the Metoxi Express ferry which means that there is a very regular service between Hydra and Metochi.


Rent a car & drive yourself


Landing at Athens Airport and picking up a car rental so you can drive yourself across the Peloponnese and down to Metochi or Ermioni couldn't be easier. have a great site where you can choose from all of the hire companies based at the airport with prices starting from €9 per day. This gives you the option to explore more of the mainland and the choice of parking at Metochi to catch a passenger ferry (25 mins) to Hydra or on the street at Ermioni. Don't forget you will have the cost of a full tank of petrol (enough for a round trip without detours) plus the daily cost of parking in the secure car park at Metochi.


Going back from Hydra to the mainland for AIA, you can hire a car from POPS CARS based in Ermioni. Take the Christos Passenger Ferry from Hydra to Ermioni. Walk to the end of the jetty and turn right on the main road. Walk 20 meters and cross the square where you will find Pops Cars right next door to the Hellenic Seaways ticket office.  Here's the website for Pop's Cars. You can drop the car off at AIA.


PASSENGER FERRY FROM/TO ERMIONI/HYDRA Take a taxi or hire a car to get to Ermioni on the Peloponnese mainland, then take the CHRISTOS Ferry. Click this link for the details and timetable. Christos Passenger Ferry. Tickets cost €7.50 per person each way. On strike days, try to be there 30 mins before sailing time because the Hellenic office might be closed so possibly tickets will have to be bought as you board (but this is an exception so there might be confusion).


By SEA TAXI: Can transport up to 8 people at a time.

Average Time: 1 hour 15 mins approximately.

Cost: €500 for up to 8 passengers.

Follow this link SEA TAXIS From Varkiza to Hydra for more information to contact one of the sea taxi operators. Nikos Georgakopoulos operates the DESPINA sea taxi which is one of the largest and most comfortable. You can contact Nikos directly here DESPINA.


You will also need to take a car taxi from the main rank outside the airport arrivals hall to Varkiza Marina. The standard tariff is €20 for a 10 minute drive. Once you reach the Marina, there are a number of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy lunch and refreshments watching the yachts in the Marina if you have to wait for your prebooked sea taxi.


Varkiza, also Alianthos is a suburb of greater Athens forming part of the municipality of Vari-Voula-Vouliagmeni in southern Attica of the Megalo Daktylo. Varkiza is a marina and not affected by the port workers strike. 


Please tell your taxi driver to take you to the Latino Cafe at the beginning of the main jetty wall. If in doubt give the taxi driver the mobile telephone number of your sea taxi driver so they can speak to each other.


Completely stranded in Piraeus


Occasionally during the winter months, frequent travellers between the island and Piraeus will be completely thwarted by the weather. Getting a taxi to Metochi won't help if the wind is so bad in the gulf that sea taxis are stopped from sailing by the coastguard. Under these circumstances, there is nothing to do than to accept that a hotel in Piraeus or Athens is the only option and you have to stay over until the weather allows the boats to go.


Personally. I like the Posidonian Hotel on Miaoulis Street because it's an easy 500m walk along a wide flat pavement from the dolphin office on the port so it's easy to drag luggage along. The hotel is a decent standard with very friendly staff. I stayed on the 31/01/19 and it cost me €55 which included a really good breakfast.


To reach the Posidonian from the dolphin office on Piraeus port, if you are facing into the Hellenic Office with the sea behind you, go right out of the port and walk along the pavement following the line of trees until you reach Gate E9, then cross over to the other side of the road (it's a safe place with lights controlling the traffic). Keep heading right up Miaouli Street towards St. Nikoloas Church. On the way you will pass a few places where you can buy snacks or come back later for something to eat. You'll also pass the Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank, both of which have ATM machines if you need to get cash out. Keep going until you get to the corner of St Nickolaos Plaza and then follow the road left going into Sachtouri Street (opposite the Coastguard Station). Keep following left and you will find the Posidonian Hotel on the second corner on your left.


Click this link to see a photo of the top of Miaoulis Street Piraeus just where you turn left towards the Posidonian Hotel.


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