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WATER TAXIS, also known as Sea Taxis, are small motor boats are moored in the east corner of the harbour where the flying dolphins, cats and passenger ferries arrive, that you can hire by the journey to get round to different parts of Hydra's coast or across to the mainland and neighbouring islands. There is a free phone to call one if there aren’t any waiting or if you have a favourite driver, you can contact them directly.


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And as you will see from the video featuring the Despina III sea taxi, hiring a sea taxi for an afternoon is also a great way to experience the fun of getting out on the sea when you're on Hydra!

Eleni Sea Taxi - Marina

Hydra Sea Taxi Eleni with the only lady captain Marina Lazou - water taxis in Hydra Island Greece Sea Taxi Eleni - Marina Lazou

Despina I, II & III

Sea taxi (water taxi) Despina for Hydra Island transport. Despina I, II & III - Kostas & Nikos Georgakopoulos

Neso Sea Taxi - Manos

Manos Loudaros Sea Taxi Neso water taxis in Hydra Island Greece Neso - Manos Loudaros

Seabird - Vangelis

Seabird - sea taxi or water taxi on Hydra Island Greece. Seabird - Vangelis Gionis


2020 Prices


All sea taxis work on a fixed tariff, which is the same for all boats. The tariff should be displayed inside the boat. The price quoted is per journey for the maximum number of passengers which in the main is 8 people and their luggage. If you share the ride with another person or group, then the price should be divided by the number of people making the journey. The total price should not be paid by both parties just because they don't know each other!


From Hydra Port to:

Kamini €15

Vlychos €20 (beach) €22 (Harbour)

Vlychos Plakes €25

Palamida €30

Molos €45

Kivotos Islet (helicopter landing area) €50

Mandraki €20

Zourva (lighthouse) €75

Porto Hydra €85

Dokos Harbour €85

Metochi €50

Vlaxieka €60

St. Nikolaos €85

Bisti (Ag. Georgios) €70

Ermioni €130

Poros €140

Spetses €220

Varkezi (Athens) €500

Round the Island Trip: €220


(Please note that after dark rates are up to 50% extra, supplements for excess luggage, the cost is shared for maximum number of passengers being carried, ie if only 1 person travelling to Kamini that person will pay €12, if 4 persons travelling each person will pay €3,00 - so taxi sharing is both environmentally and financially sensible!)


It should not cost you more than the published prices if you pre-book a specific sea taxi driver for collect you at a specific time. Please ensure if you pre-book or contact a driver directly, that you confirm exactly where in the port they will pick you up from as it won't be in the usual west corner of the harbour.




Sea Taxis are licenced and governed by the Port Police Authorities of Hydra (Greek Coastguard). There is no 'office' or 'manager' of sea taxis in the port. If you have a complaint about a sea taxi or its driver, you should visit the Port Police and make a statement. This can include anything from dangerous driving, overcharging, not giving a receipt, etc.


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Book direct with HydraDirect. No booking fees, no commission, no added percentages. Putting visitors in direct contact with Hydra businesses.