Isalos Cafe & Bar on Hydra Island Greece


The Isalos Cafe is one of the first places you will see when you disembark from the Flying Dolphin arriving on Hydra. It's right on the waterfront, (which is exactly what Isalos means in Greek, the waterfront) so you can enjoy your invigorating breakfast and morning coffee overlooking the comings and goings of the beautuful harbour. And in addition to an excellent lunch or dinner, you can also take away one of our environmentally friendly picnic-hamper or packed lunch to enjoy on the beach or in the countryside.



It's the place for morning coffee, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner and drinks well into the evening. It is the perfect meeting place and one of the best spots for watching the theatre of Hydra's comings and goings.


A meeting point for locals and visitors who appreciate the modern and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with the excellent service that its personnel provides. At the Isalos Cafe & Bar, you can enjoy the most excellent quality of coffee and refreshing natural juices. Delicious gourmet flavours are served both in the midday and the evening, as well as drinks and cocktails until late in the night in one of the most beautiful spots on the island!

Food at The Isalos


Try a satisfying breakfast at the Café - Bar Isalos where we will vary your order to satisfy even the most demanding palate. Don’t hesitate to try the salty or sweet croissants, taste the ecological Swiss bread as well as the French loaves of Fredy' s House!

At lunchtime and for dinner you will find a big variety of refreshing salads, Italian spaghetti, meat cooked to unique recipes followed by a sweet selection of ice-cream and homemade desserts such as apple-pie, walnut-pie, chocolate mousse and many more.

At lunchtime and for dinner you will find a big variety of refreshing salads, Italian spaghetti, meat cooked to unique recipes followed by a sweet selection of ice-cream and homemade desserts such as apple-pie, walnut-pie, chocolate mousse and many more.

The Team


"Probably more than you'll find anywhere else in Hydra, the team at the Isalos really know how to work as a team! The staff don't come and go for a season, you'll see the same faces from one year to the next. They are highly organised, efficient, friendly and good fun to be around." - Kelsey.

The Isalso Cafe in Hydra Harbour where you will always get a friendly welcome from all of the staff. Sotirios, George, Stelios & Giannis

Drinks & Cocktail Hour...s!


Don’t forget to visit the Isalos in the evening when our experienced barmen will take you away on a journey with the special cocktails. Try out one of our 15 choices in bottled and draught beer or one of our 40 labelled malt whiskies.

Over 40 different single malt whiskeys for you to try at the Isalos Cafe in Hydra Island Greece Unusual whiskeys for you to try
Gift bottles of Mastic Liqueur available for sale at the Isalos Cafe in Hydra Island Greece Gift Bottles of Mastic Liqueur




Music is played in the background throughout all hours but the mood changes with the time of day & night. You will hear all kinds of music such as ethnic, mainstream, Latin and acid jazz that creates a warm atmosphere and lifts your spirits.


Menu & Wine List, Tea Menu and Dessert Menu at the Isalos Cafe and Bar in Hydra Island Greece. Menu & Wine List, Tea Menu and Dessert Menu.
Mobile device recharging units at the Isalos Cafe in Hydra Island Greece for your iPads, phones and laptops. Mobile device recharging units.


FREE USE of mobile device recharging units!


And a FIRST In Hydra Harbour!


Rather then taking your ipad, mobile or laptop back to your accommodation, or having to look around for a socket no one will mind you using but you're not happy leaving your expensive phone somewhere out of sight, you and your friends can use our portable recharging units. They don't just work for 1 device, you can plug in and recharge multiple devices right there at your table with you while you choose from our menus and enjoy your meal.


Our WiFi connection is free to use as well, just ask any of the staff to a portable recharger and the password for the internet.


Take a little bit of the Isalos away with you


Whether you're heading for one of Hydra's non-commercial beaches, into the countryside you will really appreciate one of our Picnic Hampers or Bags packed with delicious, freshly made breakfasts, lunches or dinners to enjoy.



Hosting & Catering For Your Friends


Our prominent position, friendly & fun atmosphere, excellent service and high quality, fresh food combine to make the Isalos one of the best places to host a party for your friends or colleagues for a welcome or thank you brunch or dinner. And if you can't come to us, we will come to you. 


Environmentally Friendly


Consideration of our environment is one of our highest priorities. We are constantly looking for more ways to increase our recyclable items. Wherever possible we use paper straws, glass bottles & jars instead of plastic, paper bags and even wooden cutlery in an effort to reduce our impact on the environment. We serve excellent water that is filtered through our sophisticated machine so that the water supplied by the island's desalination plant is the best you will find anywhere on Hydra. This means that we also reduce the number of non-recylable plastic bottles discarded. And our takeaways, picnic hampers and picnic bags contain no plastic.

Hydra Trails Event


The team at the Isalos Cafe/Bar on Hydra are enthusiastic supporters of the Hydra's Trail Event, which is held annually at the beginning of April. Hydra plays host to upwards of 1000 athletes many of whom are international medal winners for endurance and marathon running.


Some of the key founders of the Trails Event work at the Isalos and live year-round on the island. During the winter months, they are busy getting into training, discussing progress, comparing training routines and encouraging each other as well as visitors who have started to come to the island who also like to 'challenge' themselves. And of course, they eat and relax at the Isalos which is why you will find so many health and fitness orientated items on the menu inspired by Hydra's sportsmen and women.


Visit the Hydra Trails Event for more information.

Ioannis Rappas of the Isalos Cafe and Bar on the harbour Hydra Island, Greece. Ioannis Rappas

Contact Details


Contact: Ioannis Rappas


Tel: +(30) 22980 29661


Open All Year

Hours: 08:00 - 23:30 (later during the summer season).


Free WiFi


Free mobile device recharging (phones, iPads, laptops, MacBooks).


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