Hydra Chronicles is a collective work of short stories, articles, poems and observations by Hydriot and International authors and writers about life on the Greek Island of Hydra.


In addition to the blogs in this category, a list of books featuring or set on Hydra has been included and links to the websites of authors who like to write on the island but not necessarily about Hydra.


Following in the footsteps of literary greats such as Henry Miller & Lawrence Durrell who launched the 'intelligentsia' movement of Hydra in the 1940s to mid-1950s when they visited as guests of Ghikas, the island has continued to draw writers as well as artists who appreciate its creative atmosphere and charm. 

CoVid-19 Book launch of Polly Samson's 'A Theatre for Dreamers' with music from David Gilmour

Books written on and/or about Hydra include:

First Impressions


White buildings,

Orange tile roofs,

Gleaming in the sun.


At the bottom of the hill

The town

Opens to the sea.


Traditions and culture

Are strong.

The island life 

Is not disturbed,

Remains unspoiled,

With the influx

Of visitors.


In sight 

Of the mainland,

Yet floating on its own

In the Aegean Sea.


Foster De La Houssaye, Copyright February 22, 2017

Authors Who Like To Work On Hydra


Authors who live on the island either full-time or part-time and regularly come to work on their latest manuscripts, inspired by the island's atmosphere of creativity and lack of modern distractions, include:


Alison Leslie Gold

Panos Koronakis Κορονακγσ Πανοσ

Christos Daskalakis Χρήστος Δασκαλάκης

Clémence de Biéville

Polly Samson

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