Jorgen Thornberg

Swedish, expat writer and photographer living on Hydra since 1999.

The Passion of Rembetiko or Happy Hour for Hydra Cats


Rembetiko is, for lack of a better way to describe it, the Greek blues and as such a passionate, soulful and melancholy music making your body and soul swinging with the blues ...

The Girl With The Green Umbrella


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! All of the sudden there she was that summer day, but the rain was not. Better so, because her umbrella was made of paper but very decorative ...

Climate Change


But wasn’t it supposed to get warmer. 

A reminder from a chilly Christmas 2000, Ylva’s and my first winter on Hydra with my old mother riding a donkey uphill to Kiafa and Villa Thalia, the roof of the island.  ....


Jorgen Thornberg is Swedish and has worked as a CEO in fields such as IT, Marketing, Media, Venture Capital and Business Development. He has also been editor-in-chief for the Antique & Auction magazine and has published books and articles. And during his career he has worked as an Art Director and Fashion Photographer, together with NGO work and the University of Life.


Jorgen is an enthusiastic expat who has lived on Hydra since 1999 with a house high up in Kiafa with the amphitheatres of Hydra and Kamini below and Peloponnesus in the front.


When not on Hydra Jorgen lives in Sweden but for 15 years he and his wife Ylva lived in Brussels. Jorgen is an addicted and curious collector of impressions, life stories and things he did not know, which according to himself shows more and more and growing. He also is a book-collector and an advanced user of the internet.


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